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Hurricane Gloria 29 Years Ago Today 9-27

Wow how time flies, seems like only last week when my babies & I experienced Hurricane Gloria on our own.
On Fox61 this morning the weatherman announced it was 29 years ago today that Hurricane Gloria was barreling down on CT creating some havoc

At the time I was living in the projects in New Britain off of Slater Road as a single mother with 2 small children.
In fact my baby boy was not quite a year old yet, my daughter was chatterbox happy toddler.
I thought I was ready for the storm since the apartment was a ranch style brick with a basement & I had flashlights, candles & my freezer & fridge was full of food.

I didn’t know then what I didn’t know at the time; had a good start but wasn’t truly prepared.
The electric when I was a child living on a farm in NY would go out frequently during storms but it never stayed out for longer than a day or two so I Thought I was all set.

I was not prepared for a week of no power which is what ended up being the case.
I did well on my own with the children but after the 4th day of no power I was concerned about my freezer full of meats going bad so we hopped a cab (my car was not working) loaded with the meats & went over to a friend’s apartment on the other side of town that had power restored & stayed another 3 or so days waiting to hear the power was restored in the projects so we could return home.

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fast forward to Hurricane Irene, Winter Storm Alfred & Hurricane Sandy in recent years…
As a family we’re much better prepared for extended power outages;
but the state as a general whole with all of it’s technological advances available does not seem to be.

Alternate power methods are not being promoted properly
Solar Leases are being promoted but the promotion of being Energy Independent Is NOT
Better to have our government buildings not just having solar power feeding into the grid but to have battery backup It’s nice that any excess power that is added to the grid can help lower to amount needed to be generated at the power plants but it is more important to have batteries storing the power that is generated first.

So far none of the companies that are being promoted even have the batteries as part of their plans & their leases are just to divert the organization that the electric bill is being paid to.
When the grid goes down the homeowner is still without power. When questioned about this the solar leasing companies have said that the state rebates will not be allowed if a person tries to go off-grid with solar panels & batteries.
This is something that needs to be corrected.
Our homeowners should be given rebates & encouraged to get off grid due to the aging nature of our infrastructure & population needs.
Our public buildings & the water companies also should be on solar power with battery backup with the gas powered generators being the supplement to them.
If the power production companies are allowed to continue to use “Loss of Income” as an excuse to Raise Their Rates then it is time for them to tighten their belts & look at how they are doing business….
but that is for another post

Do you remember Hurricane Gloria?
What are your memories & how did you fare compared to recent storms?

CT Taxes – Shared Sacrifice – Are You Hurting Enough Yet?

I was talking to a few people over the weekend about the high taxes

Sometimes I wonder exactly what are our elected officials & career politicians are thinking

In Hartford I heard it numerous times that they are tired of everything rising except paychecks

People are exhausted under the burden of trying to survive in CT

Both at the state level & city level people are frustrated that the elected career politicians aren’t listening to what the needs of the people are…

Where are all of our tax dollars being spent?

Why are they talking about paying to move a baseball team when schools are in need of repair?

#AreYouReady for the #CTComeBack ?
#YouHaveAChoice to make will you stay with the status quo or a go with a #FreshNewStart ?

Our State Senate needs to be RETIRED & Fresh Eyes & New Ideas tried in the 2nd District.

While the video below focuses upon the governor, it is the general assembly that makes the laws & the budgets.

The majority of the members have been office for so long they no longer are in touch with the needs or the people;
these are the men & women who need to be voted out of office if you are tired of the status quo.

#RememberInNovember the people who are in office now are the very same ones that voted to steal your children’s chocolate milk & raise the taxes on the gas & your paycheck.

Windsor Blue LobsterFest 2014

Trying to get caught up on the uploading the pictures from the various events I’ve attended recently that I did bring my camera

Did you attend the Blue LobsterFest this year?
We enjoyed ourselves – music was great & almost every style of music was there; they changed bands I guess hourly?

The Sudsy Bubbles was a hit with the children, it was almost like snow in the middle of summer covering everything in the path.

If you didn’t make it this year you missed out on a great event & plan to attend next year

This is a short clip of pictures from the Blue LobsterFest 2014

CT the Tax Money Pit

CT is at the “bottom of the list” for too many lists

This facebook post is a good pictorial of the business reports that have done the research & are reporting just how poorly our state is doing.

Far too long we’ve had 1 party rule in the CT General Assembly with both republican Governors & Democrat ones –

We’ve been going down hill for too long to place the blame on any one governor; the constant has been our State Senators & State Reps who unlike the governors have been in offices up at the capitol for 20+ to 30+ years.

CT if you are finally tired of the money mismanagement & the ever-increasing taxes then #YouHaveAChoice to make
Will you keep the status quo & stay on the same downward spiral that we are in?
Or will you choose to make #AFreshNewStart

Time is running out for us here in the Nutmeg State & it is time for you to think seriously about who are you going to vote for this year…. #ChooseWell

Communications – Yes I want to hear from YOU

One of the things that I feel is the biggest reason for our state & our country falling apart is the lack of communications between the citizens & the elected officials once they get into office

When our country was founded it was designed with the idea that our elected officials would live & continue to work among the citizens of the state & therefore would be accessible to the citizens during the year.
We were supposed to be have ongoing discussions about what is occurring in our areas with the elected but that seems to have been forgotten.

Unfortunately as the many years have passed there has been a disconnect between the people & the elected.
The elected have become a “class” of people that have become removed from the people.
As the distance between the elected & the people grows the Special Interests drive a wedge with their money to push the elected to make & vote for laws that do nothing to help our families, small businesses & seniors & many times have in fact been been laws that have been outright hurtful to our citizens.

I have several social media connections as a way to interact.
I also have a 24-7 voice mail as a way for voters to keep in contact which I intend to keep going as a way for us to communicate.
I want to have discussions via teleconference about the proposed laws that are being reviewed; as well as asking for input on what is deemed to be a problem.
If there is something that the citizens feel is a problem how do citizens in the 2nd District feel should be the options for solving that problem.

When was the Last Time that YOU were asked for input on the lawmaking process?

“We the People” means just that; the people who live in the 2nd District are the people whose needs are supposed to be the primary concern of the Senator that is sent up to represent them up in the halls of Hartford’s Legislative Building.
Special Interest Groups & Lobbyists should not be given the access to our elected that the citizens do not have on a daily basis.

sign See Click Fix

See Click Fix sign at Windsor Town Hall

Where are you in the Social Media world?

I think that one reason that people are so disconnected from the elected people is due to not being connected to them on a more personal level so there is no accountability between the people being elected & the citizens in our towns, I say we can change this right now

I do want to change this & am looking for the best ways to connect with the people in the 2nd District

In addition to this blog which has comments enabled I am on FaceBook & G+ & YouTube

I have opened up a 24/7 voicemail so that regardless of the time of day someone can call & leave me a message about what they think is a problem, a suggestion about what we should work on to improve life for all of us & any money saving ideas that we can look into & any potential fraud that might be needing to get looked at.

Let’s work together to turn the 2nd District & our state around & back on to the right track

Leave us some comments & let us get connected
Go ahead & give me a call 641-715-3900 ext 327977#

Some of my social network connections are listed here -> Social Media Page

The Protest Voter

I think that what the most recent poll spoken about on the news on Wednesday shows is that there is a solid 8+% of voters that are Not voting for Tom Foley as of that poll. Good is that ALL 3 governor candidates were included in the poll for the first time which hasn’t been the case in the past polls.

On facebook it was said in one of many heated debates that votes for Visconti should be counted only as a Protest vote against the CT GOP candidate.

I think that man is on point for both this & the 2010 election that is not being considered – the votes given to Tom Marsh were a protest vote then & were people that Tom Foley failed to convince to vote for him.

This year is the same by the mere fact that Joe has been able to get on the ballot – those who are actively supporting Visconti are doing so because Foley has not been able to sell himself as the person that they should vote for; beating up Visconti supporters won’t change their minds & visa versa –

Malloy & the current administration including the majority of the general assembly is "the enemy" & everyone needs to focus upon fighting them & educating the public who aren’t a part of the facebook debates on why their chosen candidate is the choice to be made at the voting booth

CT GOP & our RTCs need to lift up our other candidates at both the state level & our congressional candidates as well.
CT Dems & their DTCs have a system in place to ensure that their candidates are known in the community & most likely voters. They have an organization in place that supports their candidates that is sorely lacking on the Republican side.

If you support Tom then get out there & support him in a productive manner that will win him votes.
The people who have been boots on the ground for Joe have put their money & time in to support him without bashing on people who support Tom.

My grandmother used to say "you get more bees with Honey than Vinegar"…

Foley supporters need to take her words of wisdom & work towards winning over voters instead of ranting against Visconti supporters.

Visconti supporters need to step up their game if they expect their message to get out to the voters & stop arguing with Foley supporters & get out there recruiting new voters.

It is disheartening to see all the fighting among people who have been friends & who have the same goals just different ideas on how to get there.
Stop bickering & Start working & Start getting ACTIVE….
What have YOU done to Win in the Fight for Freedom for the Families in CT today?

Thank you for your support any & all donations are appreciated towards the Elections Funding Goals as set by the state of CT
Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media

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VoiceMail 24/7 = 641-715-3900 ext 327977#
Tillett for CT campaign – Treasurer James McGovern & Approved by Mrs Theresa Tillett

CT Drivers Licenses & Political Pandering?

Many people in CT have very short memories
But a few years back it was voted by the General Assembly to give CT Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens this year…

Someone in the Democrat Controlled Administration realized a few weeks back that “OMG! It’s Election Year & we can’t have this to be used against us!”
When the rollout date for this year was set they figured that people would have forgotten all about the law they passed & people would be too busy getting ready for “Back to school” & the other Election Issues

What they did not expect was to have the “Border Crisis” to become huge National News & lots of push back by the citizens of CT against the influx to our Sanctuary Cities here in CT…

So as quietly as they could they moved back the New Rollout Date to Dec 1st AFTER the Elections
but there was someone not happy about the attempt to hide the move date until after the elections so it was leaked to WTNH News, who followed up by asking the Governor about the new rollout date

Below is that interview video
Do you believe the answers & excuses that you hear?

Does it bother you at all about the CDLs being given?
Have you considered the cost to implement this program?
What about the testing for the CDLs how rigorous is it & can they read the signs in English?
What about some sort of Bond to ensure that they will have insurance?
Since when did a CDL become a RIGHT but self protection which IS a RIGHT they want to make a privilege granted only to a select special few?