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Paris Attacked

Feeling some mixed emotions over the attacks in Paris.
There was the initial shock of the attacks just like back on 9-11-01 of “Oh My God those poor people”…

There was confusion as reports came in of the multiple locations & different types of attacks & social media & news sources were all reporting different things as they got information

But then there was anger like when the 3rd plane hit realizing that we were under attack when hearing about the hostages at the concert location…

Anger that such an attack was made against innocent people
Anger that the the elected officials allowed for such an attack to occur because they aren’t using common sense
Anger that here in the USA such an attack could also happen yet the people aren’t demanding that our elected officials stop with the madness that allowed such attacks to occur but are again promoting taking away rights of law abiding citizens of the USA

Paris France in Mourning, Prayers & Flowers being left at locations of attacks

Today the French went to war with the people who attacked them.
The people while in mourning brought flowers & prayers to the sites of these terrible attacks.
Meanwhile the police were in search mode to get to the facts of who these men were, the elected officials & the military advisers went into action to protect their citizens.

The French Borders were announced CLOSED for the refugees.
The military set about marking it’s targets. Then today they sent planes to drop bombs on the their enemy.

France is making certain that the world understands that it is not to be viewed as weak & it will retaliate swiftly when attacked.

Read about the French Military Response here

What are our elected officials going to do here in the USA to protect us?
Why are the elected officials & some candidates talking about climate change being the primary danger to the USA when we see events like this happening?

Road to 270 Electoral Map

To win the Presidency it’s not just the Popular vote but the Electoral College Delegate Votes that are needed to put the man or woman into the highest office of the land

Below is a map showing the current votes from the Electoral College as they currently stand
The map is interactive & I’m guessing as the days go forward the map will be adjusted as new information comes in

Map created at

11-3-15 Election Day #VoteRowB




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