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Communications – Yes I want to hear from YOU

One of the things that I feel is the biggest reason for our state & our country falling apart is the lack of communications between the citizens & the elected officials once they get into office

When our country was founded it was designed with the idea that our elected officials would live & continue to work among the citizens of the state & therefore would be accessible to the citizens during the year.
We were supposed to be have ongoing discussions about what is occurring in our areas with the elected but that seems to have been forgotten.

Unfortunately as the many years have passed there has been a disconnect between the people & the elected.
The elected have become a “class” of people that have become removed from the people.
As the distance between the elected & the people grows the Special Interests drive a wedge with their money to push the elected to make & vote for laws that do nothing to help our families, small businesses & seniors & many times have in fact been been laws that have been outright hurtful to our citizens.

I have several social media connections as a way to interact.
I also have a 24-7 voice mail as a way for voters to keep in contact which I intend to keep going as a way for us to communicate.
I want to have discussions via teleconference about the proposed laws that are being reviewed; as well as asking for input on what is deemed to be a problem.
If there is something that the citizens feel is a problem how do citizens in the 2nd District feel should be the options for solving that problem.

When was the Last Time that YOU were asked for input on the lawmaking process?

“We the People” means just that; the people who live in the 2nd District are the people whose needs are supposed to be the primary concern of the Senator that is sent up to represent them up in the halls of Hartford’s Legislative Building.
Special Interest Groups & Lobbyists should not be given the access to our elected that the citizens do not have on a daily basis.

sign See Click Fix

See Click Fix sign at Windsor Town Hall

Where are you in the Social Media world?

I think that one reason that people are so disconnected from the elected people is due to not being connected to them on a more personal level so there is no accountability between the people being elected & the citizens in our towns, I say we can change this right now

I do want to change this & am looking for the best ways to connect with the people in the 2nd District

In addition to this blog which has comments enabled I am on FaceBook & G+ & YouTube

I have opened up a 24/7 voicemail so that regardless of the time of day someone can call & leave me a message about what they think is a problem, a suggestion about what we should work on to improve life for all of us & any money saving ideas that we can look into & any potential fraud that might be needing to get looked at.

Let’s work together to turn the 2nd District & our state around & back on to the right track

Leave us some comments & let us get connected
Go ahead & give me a call 641-715-3900 ext 327977#

Some of my social network connections are listed here -> Social Media Page