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Casinos TollBooths & Taxes Oh My

The General Assembly is in session & the governor started it off with his State of the State speech, with Malloy sounding like the republican candidates who lost the 2014 election for talking points.

After the lies of the last election cycle stating the state budget was fine… then it was made public we were drastically in the hole so not only did not the $55.00 dollar rebates get issued in 2014 but the state was going to need to go into an emergency session to “fix” the problems later on…
TAX on back of bent over man

In 2015 Malloy was caught claiming that he would not propose raising new taxes but… then signing the 2nd largest tax increase in CT’s history. So really no one actually believes the Malloy lie of no tax increases or new taxes being added
ct car license im broke

So to start 2016 Malloy decided to change his talking points & use the republican talking points about needing to not spend money that we do not have.

The question is what will the General Assembly do now?

folded dollars made into house

Some issues that are being spoken about in the news are Casinos & TollBooths & of course the Overbearing Taxes that are driving the major employers Out of the State & along with them their employees who pay both Income & Property Taxes to our state & towns…

Will the General Assembly cut out the excesses & the corporate welfare that has been going on or will they hit the CT Families with additional problems & taxes in Nov after the elections have been secured?

#YouHaveAChoice – #ChooseWisely

The discussion is quite interesting over at facebook, several pages have gotten this video passed on from the page “Save Connecticut 2014”

The video which is being discussed has been seen previously late 2013 or maybe early 2014 but the video is important because although the men & women speaking in the videos are from another city (Detroit?) they all very well could be men & women right here in the inner cities of Hartford, Bridgeport or Waterbury.

While the democrats in the top tier refuse to debate with the Republicans they run attack ads that mislead & lie while they avoid talking about their records.

The video points out that it’s the democrats in charge that have ruined their lives.

In CT this is also true with our democrat controlled general assembly.
Due to having Republican governor’s that have vetoed some of the outrageous spending our state’s demise has been slow to total ruin until the past 4 years.

Now the democrat controlled general assembly is up for re-election, many following their top tier leadership refusing to show up for debates to defend their actions or misdirecting away from the reality of their “plans to raise taxes again”

Will you re-elect men & women who have given us the income tax, raised the sales tax & are planning tax increases every time they talk about how they’re going to change CT?

Are you going to say no to raising taxes & shrinking paychecks?
Are you going to say no to corporate welfare & cronyism?
Are you going to say no to outsourcing of taxpayer money?
Do you want to continue on the same downward path to bankruptcy?
Then Will You VOTE Republican to change CT?

If you fail to speak up with the power of your vote then you are part of the failing system we have


Born Broke Summary from Yankee Institute

This summary below is from the Yankee Institute published by Zachary Janowski.
If we continue on our current financial path without changes in how our state spends money we are on the path for financial ruin.

Our children need for us to be responsible & accountable in how we spend the money now & the bonds which we take out for frivolous spending because our elected officials do not care about the debt that they are making.

The democrat controlled general assembly has been using the state’s credit card to buy the various “toys” & projects to reward their rich friends with then after they run up the bill they go out & borrow more money via bonds to pay for the playthings & special interests that they are indebted to.

While the attention is on the attack ads for the governor’s race by Malloy trying to distract from his policies pushed through by the democrat controlled general assembly the biggest problem that we in CT have are men & women who are career politicians who have no intention of helping the businesses & families in CT that do not put money into their pockets.

If these elected officials remain in office CT will not grow & CT will remain in the bottom 10 list of worst states in the country. #NowIsTheTime for you to seriously consider how you will vote this year.

Are you happy with the high unemployment as an increasing number of businesses are leaving for states with less taxes & regulations that stifle their growth?
Are you tired of seeing nothing but low wage retail or fast food jobs available while our factories & office buildings sit vacant?
Are you tired of rising taxes & rising prices while your paycheck shrinks?

If you are tired of the tax & spend & borrow & then raise more taxes policies that are coming from our general assembly then #YouHaveAChoice to make this election.

Will you re-elect the men & women who put in the income tax & have raised taxes in one way or another almost every year since? Choosing that option will ensure that we will have 4 more years of the same tax & spend & raising of taxes that we have had these past 25 – 30 years.

If you are ready for the #CTComeBack then #NowIsTheTime for YOU to #ChooseWisely
#VoteRepublican this year instead of the status quo
#Vote for a #FreshNewStart

The CT GOP has a slate of candidates which have ideas plans to get CT back on to the right track.
We want all of our families & children to prosper & to bring CT Back to its former glory.
This year vote for us on the Republican Ticket & give your family & your paycheck the break that it needs from all of these taxes due to irresponsible spending that the democrats have been doing all these many years.

Born Broke Summary by Zachary Janowski

The Protest Voter

I think that what the most recent poll spoken about on the news on Wednesday shows is that there is a solid 8+% of voters that are Not voting for Tom Foley as of that poll. Good is that ALL 3 governor candidates were included in the poll for the first time which hasn’t been the case in the past polls.

On facebook it was said in one of many heated debates that votes for Visconti should be counted only as a Protest vote against the CT GOP candidate.

I think that man is on point for both this & the 2010 election that is not being considered – the votes given to Tom Marsh were a protest vote then & were people that Tom Foley failed to convince to vote for him.

This year is the same by the mere fact that Joe has been able to get on the ballot – those who are actively supporting Visconti are doing so because Foley has not been able to sell himself as the person that they should vote for; beating up Visconti supporters won’t change their minds & visa versa –

Malloy & the current administration including the majority of the general assembly is "the enemy" & everyone needs to focus upon fighting them & educating the public who aren’t a part of the facebook debates on why their chosen candidate is the choice to be made at the voting booth

CT GOP & our RTCs need to lift up our other candidates at both the state level & our congressional candidates as well.
CT Dems & their DTCs have a system in place to ensure that their candidates are known in the community & most likely voters. They have an organization in place that supports their candidates that is sorely lacking on the Republican side.

If you support Tom then get out there & support him in a productive manner that will win him votes.
The people who have been boots on the ground for Joe have put their money & time in to support him without bashing on people who support Tom.

My grandmother used to say "you get more bees with Honey than Vinegar"…

Foley supporters need to take her words of wisdom & work towards winning over voters instead of ranting against Visconti supporters.

Visconti supporters need to step up their game if they expect their message to get out to the voters & stop arguing with Foley supporters & get out there recruiting new voters.

It is disheartening to see all the fighting among people who have been friends & who have the same goals just different ideas on how to get there.
Stop bickering & Start working & Start getting ACTIVE….
What have YOU done to Win in the Fight for Freedom for the Families in CT today?

Thank you for your support any & all donations are appreciated towards the Elections Funding Goals as set by the state of CT
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