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#TBT – Turbo Tax: The Rap (Extended Version)

This #ThrowBackThursday is in the spirit of fun over the “necessary evil” of paying the federal income taxes.

Do you live in a high state income tax state or a no income tax state?

How long has your state had it’s income tax? Add your comments below so we can talk about taxes in our states.

I recall back in the 90’s when I was busy raising young children when Connecticut became an income tax state.

It was a very nasty election year with Lowell Weicker winning the race for governor simply because he LIED about being willing to veto or sign an income tax bill, he claimed he was against starting an income tax in CT.

Then once he was elected in to office he started with the push to start the income tax rather than getting the state spending at a level that matched or was less than the amount of taxes collected each year.

Do you do your own taxes or do you pay a tax preparer?

If you do your taxes yourself do you use one of the popular tax preparer computer programs such as TurboTax?

Which program do you prefer to use?

But remember #TaxationIsTheft in our current system


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With April 18th being the due date this year for our taxes quickly approaching… 
I thought I’d share this video from Remy about the craziness that we all feel about how the chore of doing the yearly taxes…
Do you do your own taxes or do you pay someone else to do them for you?

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Poll – 1st Congressional Gov Candidates Debate

There was supposed to be a poll for the CT GOP 1st Congressional Debate that was held on Wed Dec 6th 2017 in Windsor CT at the Windsor Public High School

The poll was not widely accessible nor was it available for everyone that watched the debate in person or via livestream to be able to vote because it was a vote by texting to a tele-code which is not available (accessible) on all cellphones nor does it take into consideration the many people who do not wish to get text messages from the CT GOP or it’s candidates which that type of polling opens up anyone voting to

Below is a proper poll which lists all of the currently known candidates on the CT GOP possible Convention ticket in May some are still in the Exploratory phase & others are Declared but did not attend the debate because they had not met the fundraising requirement that the chairman had set of $75,000.00 so they had their own events either prior or during via fabcebook live.

Cast your vote for any of the candidates or write in your own CT GOP candidate

Be sure to share the poll on your social media networks

The poll will close on Jan 9th since the next CT GOP Debate will be held on Jan 10th

An encounter at the Pittsburgh International Airport about my shirt.

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

This man explains why he’s voting for Donald Trump this election

He’s not buying the lies of the commercials that have been in the mass media that has been promoting Hillary Clinton & points out that the real racists have been Hillary & Bill

He’s voting for the president that is going to benefit his children & his family now & in the future

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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CT Connection Hillary for Prison

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

With the recent news in CT Politics & the opening of the DNC Convention I thought that I would just share this little video that I made a few months back…

Reminding the voters just who it is that we have running CT & who wants to run our country…


#NeverHillary & Let’s end #MalloysMess in November #VoteRowB to stop the #TaxingTyranny

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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Tillett4CT Contact

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Just a reminder there are several ways in which to connect & contact with Theresa Tillett

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Fox News + Google present the 7th Republican Debate

I posted this originally back in january  when the field was “huge” on the Republican side… I’ve got a few questions as I reread the post 9 months later…

Now that the conventions are over & there are only 2 major ticket candidates on all 50+ ballots with 2 minor party candidates attempting to get that access & the attention of the media; I am wondering will the 3rd party candidates be given a spot on the stage?

How much participation we will see from the public & social media networks in these very important debates coming up? Will you be sending in questions by video or tweets or facebook if offered the opportunity? Will you be watching at either a Debate Watching Party or will you be watching from home or will you not bother watching?

Will we see a repeat of the biased debates where the moderators will be attacking Donald Trump while giving Hillary soft ball questions or will we see a debate where actual policy questions are asked?

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments & questions that you have below


Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project
The #GOPDebate small stage starts at 7p.
Then the main big stage debate will start at 9p.

The main stage will be missing Donald Trump; who will be holding his own event to benefit veterans on CNN.

It is reported that both Rick Santorum & Mike Huckabee will attend Donald’s event after they finish their small stage debate.

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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Poll – 25 Years CT Income Taxes

Quick poll – check all that apply

This is the 25th anniversary year of the CT State Income Tax that the Democrat Majority in the General Assembly put into place. We were told that the Income Tax would be "Temporary" & remain at the "same low rate" in exchange our Sales Tax was lowered & would also remain at the "new lower rate". These Promises have been broken Repeatedly by the career politicians many who have been in elected offices for over 30 years. Do you feel that our elected officials have Lost Touch with the People & Do Not Care that they are Harming Our Families with these Increases in Taxes & Cutting of Human Services?

Yes I feel that they have lost touch
Yes My Family has been harmed by the cuts in services
Yes I lost my job because the company left the state due to the increased taxes
Yes I lost my job because of state budget cuts
Yes my family has less money to spend because of increased taxes
Yes I feel the elected majority do not care about my family
Yes I feel the elected majority say anything so they can get elected/reelected then break their promises
Yes I feel they break their promises I'm still waiting for our promised $55 refund from 2014
I don't pay taxes
I don't pay attention to politics so I do not know what promises were broken
Please Specify:

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