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We will Not Conform event 7-22 & 7-29

Last night 7-22-14 across the country cinemas were showing the live event “We Will Not Comply”

Some cinemas were filled to capacity others only a few people attended but everyone learned something new

Several of us who attended the Bloomfield Cinema introduced ourselves to each other & chit chatted about what we saw & heard & possible next steps

The manager of the cinema said that he will make available Buy 1 Get 1 coupons for those who want to attend the replay event on the 29th so call them directly to get the information on where those will be available if you missed the Live Event yesterday

As a Homeschool Mother I am encouraging parents to homeschool if they can make the commitment – there are many more options out there now than when I was educating my children

Although my own children are grown I am fighting for All of Our Children & Families to have their tax dollars spent on QUALITY Education rather than wasted making a few select businessmen like Bill Gates richer

This election cycle make it your personal mission to find out where each of the candidates stand on Common Core

I know that it can be frustrating as a citizen to feel that you are not being listened to, but during election years you do have a bit more access to the candidates & make use of this season to make informed choices about where each stands regardless of party Who Will Fight for Your Family?

If you live in the CT 2nd Senate District you have a candidate here who is going to fight for your family to remove Common Core from CT & make certain that parents who want to homeschool are not given a hard time in the process of removing their children from public schools

If you still do not fully understand what common core is & why it is bad for our children or how to get it out of our state then I do suggest that you attend the Replay Event on the 29th with family & friends to discuss what you’re seeing & hearing & compare notes about what you know is going on in your schools & taxes increases for the BoE & school administrations

If you have suggestions feel free to give a call to the 24 hr voice mail 641-715-3900 ext 327977#


#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart

Team Tillett Blogging via Email Testing

If we have set this up correctly then our Blog will be up & running so that I can share my thoughts with you & you’ll have another way to connect with me

Subscribe so that you will get the updates as they come in

Thank you for your support any & all donations are appreciated towards the Elections Funding Goals as set by the state of CT

Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media

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Tillett for CT campaign – Treasurer James McGovern & Approved by Mrs Theresa Tillett

Hello world! from #TeamTillett

We’ve all seen the words pre-typed below – it’s the introduction of a brand new blog by WordPress

We’ll be using this new addition to help us keep connected as we work towards the goal of going up to the capitol as a newly elected part of We the People representing the people of the 2nd district first & the people of CT as a whole

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I want to include the People’s Voice = Your Voice, Your Thoughts, Suggestions & Opinions;
which for too long has been a missing part of the CT Government up at the state level

Ask questions, give constructive ideas & criticism via any of the connection options

We’re looking forward to meeting more people daily & working together to make our state great once again

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”