CT the Tax Money Pit

CT is at the “bottom of the list” for too many lists

This facebook post is a good pictorial of the business reports that have done the research & are reporting just how poorly our state is doing.

Far too long we’ve had 1 party rule in the CT General Assembly with both republican Governors & Democrat ones –

We’ve been going down hill for too long to place the blame on any one governor; the constant has been our State Senators & State Reps who unlike the governors have been in offices up at the capitol for 20+ to 30+ years.

CT if you are finally tired of the money mismanagement & the ever-increasing taxes then #YouHaveAChoice to make
Will you keep the status quo & stay on the same downward spiral that we are in?
Or will you choose to make #AFreshNewStart

Time is running out for us here in the Nutmeg State & it is time for you to think seriously about who are you going to vote for this year…. #ChooseWell