About Elect Tillett For CT

Yes CT We the People are starting to have Real Choices;
More citizens are waking up, more people at the local level have Run & Won against the career politicians in their cities & towns last year
This year there are even more choices as Real People Stand Up & Run for offices at the local, state & federal levels.

Ask yourself “Who do You want to make the laws that affect You & Your Family?”….

Women & men who share the struggles that you & your family are also living or

Some rich career politician that has not the slightest idea of what the laws they pass do to harm our families?

Hi there! I’m a Real person who like many of you has gotten tired of the antics of our career politicians oppressing us with their ever-increasing taxes & regulations & I’ve decided to Stand Up & Run because our government was founded with the idea that We the People take an active role in running our government at All Levels.

Join with me in working to bring our state back to sanity & restore prosperity to CT. Let’s end the one party rule of the tax & spend democrats who have given us the income tax & are stomping us under their feet as they pass one outrageous law after another which steal the joy from our families as they steal money from our paychecks & increase the cost of living.

… Don’t you think it is time for Regular People to start running things again?:

We the working tax paying families of CT have been struggling paying for all of the outrageously expensive bills which our general assembly has been passing for way too many years with no relief.

Many of these bills have been harmful to our families as they remove local voices from the process in addition to raising costs on our daily living & causing the companies that hire us to cut back on hours & even leave CT to go to other states leaving us unemployed or working below our skill & pay levels.

Working together we can turn our state around from being the worst in the country to once again being a place where we can raise our families & enjoy our homes in security & peace rather than the worry that we have now.

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