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This is a video showcasing some of the entries for the International Time Lapse film festival in August. 

Some of these clips are breathtaking views from other countries. These film clips are the finalists for the festival prizes in August.

Do you love to see beautiful scenery and creative videos? Then this video featuring 12 clips of films submitted for the film festival will not disappoint. There are many talented people out there. I enjoyed watching these clips and think you will too.

I thought that Stop Motion film was a long lost art. With the creation of digital artistry and CGI for movies, they don’t use it here now. But there are some old fashioned Stop Motion Films that were also submitted.

Featured in this video are 12 works selected from among the 470 participants from 72 countries. The winners will be shown in August in from the 26th through the 28th.

The prizes for being selected as finalists are nice even if they do not win one of the major prizes. There were 470 entries from 72 countries in total; so I’m sure it was a tough choice for the judges to pick the finalists.

“All selected works will be presented with a dinner for two people the same day of the screening, which will be on August 26 and 27.”

“The 6 finalists will enjoy a weekend with bed and breakfast for 2 people, in one of the best rural accommodations in the Alto Tajo Natural Park (Molina de Aragón – GUADALAJARA – SPAIN, coinciding with the date of the screening)”

There is some nice camera equipment being offered up as prizes. Good Luck to everyone who submitted entries.

Good Luck to everyone who submitted entries.

Are you an artist?

I’d love to share your creations too on a future #Artful8ths post


Original content discovered over on Vimeo & we thought worth sharing with you


Cast: Miguel Angel Langa, geoff tompkinson, Mike Olbinski, Nick Kontostavlakis, TL video, Kirill Neiezhmakov, No name, Rob Whitworth, StanChang, Txema Ortiz, La Fabrica Naranja and mina valizadeh

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Soros: Stranahan Crowdfunding a Documentary

Lee Stranahan is crowdfunding a documentary film about the infamous George Soros!

Help be a part of this history-making effort.

Lee Stranahan is an investigative reporter who has worked both sides of the aisle. Additionally, he’s made other documentaries and expose’s.

Watch the video below as he explains what his plans are for this documentary.



Soros from Lee Stranahan on Vimeo.


Cast: Lee Stranahan

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