CT Drivers Licenses & Political Pandering?

Many people in CT have very short memories
But a few years back it was voted by the General Assembly to give CT Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens this year…

Someone in the Democrat Controlled Administration realized a few weeks back that “OMG! It’s Election Year & we can’t have this to be used against us!”
When the rollout date for this year was set they figured that people would have forgotten all about the law they passed & people would be too busy getting ready for “Back to school” & the other Election Issues

What they did not expect was to have the “Border Crisis” to become huge National News & lots of push back by the citizens of CT against the influx to our Sanctuary Cities here in CT…

So as quietly as they could they moved back the New Rollout Date to Dec 1st AFTER the Elections
but there was someone not happy about the attempt to hide the move date until after the elections so it was leaked to WTNH News, who followed up by asking the Governor about the new rollout date

Below is that interview video
Do you believe the answers & excuses that you hear?

Does it bother you at all about the CDLs being given?
Have you considered the cost to implement this program?
What about the testing for the CDLs how rigorous is it & can they read the signs in English?
What about some sort of Bond to ensure that they will have insurance?
Since when did a CDL become a RIGHT but self protection which IS a RIGHT they want to make a privilege granted only to a select special few?