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The Protest Voter

I think that what the most recent poll spoken about on the news on Wednesday shows is that there is a solid 8+% of voters that are Not voting for Tom Foley as of that poll. Good is that ALL 3 governor candidates were included in the poll for the first time which hasn’t been the case in the past polls.

On facebook it was said in one of many heated debates that votes for Visconti should be counted only as a Protest vote against the CT GOP candidate.

I think that man is on point for both this & the 2010 election that is not being considered – the votes given to Tom Marsh were a protest vote then & were people that Tom Foley failed to convince to vote for him.

This year is the same by the mere fact that Joe has been able to get on the ballot – those who are actively supporting Visconti are doing so because Foley has not been able to sell himself as the person that they should vote for; beating up Visconti supporters won’t change their minds & visa versa –

Malloy & the current administration including the majority of the general assembly is "the enemy" & everyone needs to focus upon fighting them & educating the public who aren’t a part of the facebook debates on why their chosen candidate is the choice to be made at the voting booth

CT GOP & our RTCs need to lift up our other candidates at both the state level & our congressional candidates as well.
CT Dems & their DTCs have a system in place to ensure that their candidates are known in the community & most likely voters. They have an organization in place that supports their candidates that is sorely lacking on the Republican side.

If you support Tom then get out there & support him in a productive manner that will win him votes.
The people who have been boots on the ground for Joe have put their money & time in to support him without bashing on people who support Tom.

My grandmother used to say "you get more bees with Honey than Vinegar"…

Foley supporters need to take her words of wisdom & work towards winning over voters instead of ranting against Visconti supporters.

Visconti supporters need to step up their game if they expect their message to get out to the voters & stop arguing with Foley supporters & get out there recruiting new voters.

It is disheartening to see all the fighting among people who have been friends & who have the same goals just different ideas on how to get there.
Stop bickering & Start working & Start getting ACTIVE….
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