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On the Campaign Trail 2016

This has been a very Hot & Trying Summer Season for All of Us.

While I’ve been out door knocking I’ve been thanked for running, wished good luck & only experienced 2 rude people.

I am enjoying getting to meet people in the district & as I’m out door knocking & collecting signatures.
I’m running into some people who I’ve not seen in a long time since our children are grown.

The down side of being out campaigning so far has been the weather – this heat is crazy to be out walking in.
I was also a magnet for those small yellow & black striped bees. I was stung at the concert on the green in Windsor last night. I was going to try to ignore it but even with ice it was swelling so I had to go limping off the town green needing assistance to carry my chairs & little cooler back to the car.

Knee bee sting 1


knee bee sting 2


So today I won’t be out walking around I’m feeling a little better but my knee still hurts as I’m walking this morning getting ready for the day, most of the swelling has gone down but it’s still red & sore.

This weekend I will start typing up some of the discussions & questions that I’ve been asked by people that I’ve been meeting. I may possibly do a video response to a couple of them if I’m able to get the problem with the mic figured out.

Have a Beautiful Day (0;}

#HadEnough yet? Mileage Gas Tax IS Coming!

Hello Friends & Family both Near & Far;

Have you #HadEnough yet?

MalloysMess remember that no more taxes promise

I need your assistance to help STOP #MalloysMess with your word of mouth spreading the news about this new invasion into our families wallets!
My campaign is small compared to the goliath of the democrat machine that my opponent Eric Coleman has both in manpower & cash available to spend.

But we must not quit just because the odds are great & the fight is rough – I’m not a quitter & neither are you!
We must All do our part working together to Fight the Good Fight. Tooth & Nail, Leaving It All On the Battlefield,

Gov. Malloy has thrown his support behind the Mileage Tax.

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are writers to send letters to the editor and social media posts & memes stating that you oppose the enactment of this tax. We must educate our friends & neighbors & coworkers about what is going to happen to us

This not only is a new tax but also is an example of government being able to monitor its residents every move via the gps recording your every trip to the store, classes for your children & your friends & family around the state & country.

We MUST Defeat the democrats this November otherwise this tax WILL Go In Place!
As you drive around the rest of this week I challenge you to think about how much It Will Cost You once this new tax is put into place. Every trip to & from work, to the store for food or parts for the DIY project or trips to pick up the children to & from games & practices, to church …
EVERY TRIP Taxed by the Mile… Dannel & the Democrats will know where you’ve gone the route you took to get there & that is in addition to the nation’s 3rd highest gas tax in the nation!!!

We are losing our freedoms daily & we MUST not sit home crumbling over dinner, we MUST Stand Up & Say NO MORE!
We MUST Vote out the #TaxingTyranny

to Spread the Word,
to Donate what you can afford to the campaign
to Door Knock
to Call your friends & family
to Volunteer to work with the campaigns

Republicans have another way, there is the Better Plan the Senate Republicans put out regarding transportation.
Put out originally in 2015 & updated in Feb 2016

Help me to #FlipTheGeneralAssembly this November & #VoteRowB!

Thank you
Theresa Tillett

*** Thank you for your support ***
Theresa Tillett – Candidate State Senate 2nd Dist
Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media;
Tillett for CT campaign

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Busy Busy Busy

Haven’t posted an update in awhile because I’ve been busy.

While I’ve been busy around & about knocking doors & attending community & commission meetings & events…

The Elected Officials have been quite busy as well, working on ways to raise our taxes!

A Taxation Q What is Theft Correct

On July 1st a slew of new laws & taxes were put in place
The costs for purchasing just about everything has gone up nationwide but then on top of that the CT taxes did too!

#ThanksMalloy & thanks to the members of the majority party #DemocratsRaisingTaxesAgain our families suffer.


The Republicans offered a budget that would have cut spending but kept the services needed for our families but the democrats in the capitol wanted nothing to do with the republican budget…

When you see Eric Coleman & Brandon McGee & David Baram & Doug McCrory walking around in the 2nd District; ask them why they refused to save the public taxpayers money by reducing the amount of the CEP Funding?

Ask them why; if there is no one else running against them on the CT GOP side, did they not agree to eliminate the CEP Grant entirely?

Check out the bottom of page 8 for the amount of our taxes going to their campaigns

I mean really why does Eric Coleman need $95,710.00 thousand dollars to run his campaign?
Why do our state reps need $28,150.00 if they have CT GOP opposition or $8,445.00 if they have no one running against them?
Really if they are the ONLY person on the ballot they still get to party with our tax money to the tune of $8,445.00!

Yet they raise our taxes while cutting the services that are needed so they can party?
Is that fair? Hhhmm you know there are some people’s whose whole mortgage is $90k in Hartford,
yet they get to blow that money for some fun for their friends during election years???…

Think about that the next time you’re at the store buying groceries & can’t afford to buy as much as last month or last year.

Call me when you have #HadEnough
641-715-3900 ext 327977# it’s a 24-7 voicemail so call anytime

We’ll be out door knocking & collecting Petition signatures over the next few days.
If you would like to join us be certain to call & let us know where you’re at so we can arrange to swing by.
Theresa would love to meet your neighbors so she can talk about why she is running for office.

July 2016 Month End MoneyBomb

We’re coming to the end of the month & the start of the heavy election season

We need your assistance to fight the Taxing Tyrants in Hartford.
Will you help us with a donation of $20.16 or more in our fight against the #TaxingTyranny of the democrats in our capitol hill?
These career politicians are well funded & working hard to keep their positions of power over us.
We are working towards bringing some sanity to our crazy capitol hill.
The career politicians have lost touch with the reality of what they do up there on capitol hill is hurting our families every day.
Do they think we all have money trees growing in our yards?

Taxes are hurting us as we pay increased prices for everything now to start with but on top of that our elected officials have added more taxes.
Oh they love to say it’s just a little tax but it’s slashing into our family budgets a thousand little slashes everyday.

We need YOUR Help to fight the career politicians in Hartford,

End of Mth 2016 MoneyBomb Star RWB
Show your support for Common Sense Spending & Balancing the State Budget with your social shares & your donation today.
Help us get Theresa Tillett up to the Citizen’s Election Qualification Funding Goal of $15,000.00 so that we can go into battle fully armed.
Thank You for Your Qualifying Donations.