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Windsor Vote No on the Budget #4 – Polls Open

Have you been paying attention to the questions being asked?

Do you just believe what you are told or do you take the time to do a little bit of research?

Was anyone else taken aback that the Board of Ed said that she really did not want the meeting to be televised?
Immediate question that comes to mind is “What is she trying to hide from the public?” Does that inspire trust in you that she is being truthful?

Demand evidence and think critically

Demand evidence and think critically

Vote NO on this Budget
Unless of course you want to be responsible for enabling bullies at the Board of ED & the Town Council

Vote NO on this Budget
Unless you don’t care about the home owners who are not rich & can’t afford Additional Taxes after the General Assembly rammed through higher taxes

Windsor Why you should Vote NO on Tuesday 7-14-15

As you consider how you will be voting on Tuesday

I hope that you will consider what your vote will mean…

A Yes Vote = Increased Taxes
That you approve of how the Town Council Democrats use intimidation & bullying tactics to force their will upon the people regardless of what the people of Windsor want or need.

A Yes Vote = Irresponsible Government
That you approve of our Town Council Democrats not caring about how their irresponsible actions not only harm our families by giving us less money & less services but they were also ready to put our families in physical harms way by cutting our essential town services such as funding for police, fire, health & safety

The above video is floating around made by one of the Concerned Citizens of Windsor which has some information about the budget numbers – there is no sound so that the information can be read without distraction (1st time I saw it posted on facebook I thought something was wrong with my computer)