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Happy First Day of Winter

Welcome Winter…. or not 

Yes it’s the First Day of Winter some are celebrating…

others of us are not so we’re already counting down to spring (just a mere 90 days away?)

Quitting Smoking using Vaping eCigs 2015

Had this in drafts for the longest time & finally went ahead & published it

We’re in the process of becoming “Successful Quitters”

The only Quitting that is acceptable is quitting an addiction to cigarettes or any other unhealthy habit that has taken a strong hold in our lives.

Although not fully smoke free Hubby is almost & I have cut down on the number which I’ve been smoking with the help of the e-Cigs.

Think that in Jan we’ll try to totally give up the tobacco & just use the vaporizers until we can give those up too.

Anyone looking to also give up smoking in the coming new year? Want to start a “Quit Club”, a support group online & off to get through the rough patches? Any successful quitters want to chime in on how you dealt with the quitting process?

Quitting Smoking using Vaping eCigs 2015


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Casinos TollBooths & Taxes Oh My

The General Assembly is in session & the governor started it off with his State of the State speech, with Malloy sounding like the republican candidates who lost the 2014 election for talking points.

After the lies of the last election cycle stating the state budget was fine… then it was made public we were drastically in the hole so not only did not the $55.00 dollar rebates get issued in 2014 but the state was going to need to go into an emergency session to “fix” the problems later on…
TAX on back of bent over man

In 2015 Malloy was caught claiming that he would not propose raising new taxes but… then signing the 2nd largest tax increase in CT’s history. So really no one actually believes the Malloy lie of no tax increases or new taxes being added
ct car license im broke

So to start 2016 Malloy decided to change his talking points & use the republican talking points about needing to not spend money that we do not have.

The question is what will the General Assembly do now?

folded dollars made into house

Some issues that are being spoken about in the news are Casinos & TollBooths & of course the Overbearing Taxes that are driving the major employers Out of the State & along with them their employees who pay both Income & Property Taxes to our state & towns…

Will the General Assembly cut out the excesses & the corporate welfare that has been going on or will they hit the CT Families with additional problems & taxes in Nov after the elections have been secured?