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Many Colors Many Voices One People Cocktail Reception

After what is certain to be a “Lively” discussion about Civil Rights, Crime Race & Gun Control
we’ll have gone out to grab lunch & see the sites around Hartford

There’s a gathering to meet both the speakers on the panels from the morning as well as a chance to meet with candidates to discuss their positions & topics that are of interest to you

============= EVENING of Enjoyable Entertainment for a Good Cause =================

October 11 from 6-9pm in West Hartford.
A Meet and Greet with the morning speakers and for the candidates who stop by.
Enjoy a live steel drum band as well as a DJ and authentic Caribbean food.
Our guests will be Ken Blackwell, Garland Hunt Sr., Dean Nelson, Sonnie Johnson and Wayne Dupree
RSVP and Buy Tickets $45 in Advance or $50 at the Door

============= DRESS TO IMPRESS & Bring Your Best Dance Moves =====================

Forum – Crime, Guns, Race – 10-11-14

crime guns race forum 10-11-14

Forum Crime Guns Race at Mark Twain House Hartford CT 10-11-14

Come join us at the Mark Twain House on Saturday Oct 11th 2014
This is sure to be a very lively discussion

We will be bringing conservative leaders from across the nation to join us Ken Blackwell, Garland Hunt, Dean Nelson, will be on the first panel to discuss criminal justice reform, second amendment rights and what role race plays in policies and perception. Then our second panel will talk about building a network of conservative media throughout New England with Wayne Dupree and Sonnie Johnson .

We are excited to have Frederick Douglas Foundation, CBRAC and The Federalist Society – CT chapter as partners.

There will be a dinner party later in the evening so enjoy the historical sites around Hartford & then rejoin us for dinner & dancing at 6p at the West Hartford location – see the separate event details

Limited seating for the forum $20 are on sale now

Education Reform Facts For the CT Parent

Educational Forum about Common Core for CT Parents
Education Reform for the CT Parents
Black Rock State Park, Watertown CT
October 5, 2014

Introduction: 10am
• Jessica Chiong/Nick Coppola
Keynote Speaker: 10:30am
• Dr. Christopher H Tienken. Professor at Seton Hall
• Questions
Parental Rights: 12:00PM
• Deborah Stevenson, Education Lawyer
• Questions
Opt-Out: 12:15pm
• Stop CC Member, Concerned Parent
• Questions
Overview: 12:30pm
• Chris/Lisa Simo-Kinzer
• Questions
• Website/Nick Coppola

Note: Please remember this is an outside venue, we will be underneath a pavilion, Children are welcome.
Please bring a chair or blanket for your comfort.
Parking is free. Rain or Shine.
Remember to visit our online store on our Website for CC Apparel, Lawn Signs and More!


NBC CT Health & Wellness Fair – Hartford Convention Center

Need some medical assistance?

Wondering what options are available to you in the manner of wellness services in the state of CT?

Come down to the CT Health & Wellness Fair at the Connecticut Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Take advantage of free health screenings, meet wellness experts, experience new ways to stay fit and so much more. There will be health and fitness demonstrations all weekend long, plus you can sit in on our NBC Connecticut First Alert Weather Experience.

Included will be FREE:

Flu Shots (Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., 500 per day)

Screenings for:

Blood Pressure
Foot Pressure
Oral Cancer
Skin Cancer
Varicose Veins

Parking at the convention center garage will be just $9 all day.

Poker Run 2014 CCDL Fund Raiser

CCDL Poker Run Flyer 9-27-14

CCDL Poker Run Flyer 9-27-14

*Over 250 Riders last year!
*$20/Rider and $15/Passenger
*Prizes for top five poker hands!
* Attend the festivities for $15 whether you ride or not
*Register your car or motorcycle between 9:30am-10:30-am

100% of net proceeds go to help CCDL Fight the government’s assault on the 2nd Amendment and our basic civil liberties. Let’s make this the biggest poker run in the state!

Starts at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post, 28 Selden St. Woodbridge, CT

Destination: Cadillac Ranch, 45 Jude Lane, Southington, CT

Hurricane Gloria 29 Years Ago Today 9-27

Wow how time flies, seems like only last week when my babies & I experienced Hurricane Gloria on our own.
On Fox61 this morning the weatherman announced it was 29 years ago today that Hurricane Gloria was barreling down on CT creating some havoc

At the time I was living in the projects in New Britain off of Slater Road as a single mother with 2 small children.
In fact my baby boy was not quite a year old yet, my daughter was chatterbox happy toddler.
I thought I was ready for the storm since the apartment was a ranch style brick with a basement & I had flashlights, candles & my freezer & fridge was full of food.

I didn’t know then what I didn’t know at the time; had a good start but wasn’t truly prepared.
The electric when I was a child living on a farm in NY would go out frequently during storms but it never stayed out for longer than a day or two so I Thought I was all set.

I was not prepared for a week of no power which is what ended up being the case.
I did well on my own with the children but after the 4th day of no power I was concerned about my freezer full of meats going bad so we hopped a cab (my car was not working) loaded with the meats & went over to a friend’s apartment on the other side of town that had power restored & stayed another 3 or so days waiting to hear the power was restored in the projects so we could return home.

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fast forward to Hurricane Irene, Winter Storm Alfred & Hurricane Sandy in recent years…
As a family we’re much better prepared for extended power outages;
but the state as a general whole with all of it’s technological advances available does not seem to be.

Alternate power methods are not being promoted properly
Solar Leases are being promoted but the promotion of being Energy Independent Is NOT
Better to have our government buildings not just having solar power feeding into the grid but to have battery backup It’s nice that any excess power that is added to the grid can help lower to amount needed to be generated at the power plants but it is more important to have batteries storing the power that is generated first.

So far none of the companies that are being promoted even have the batteries as part of their plans & their leases are just to divert the organization that the electric bill is being paid to.
When the grid goes down the homeowner is still without power. When questioned about this the solar leasing companies have said that the state rebates will not be allowed if a person tries to go off-grid with solar panels & batteries.
This is something that needs to be corrected.
Our homeowners should be given rebates & encouraged to get off grid due to the aging nature of our infrastructure & population needs.
Our public buildings & the water companies also should be on solar power with battery backup with the gas powered generators being the supplement to them.
If the power production companies are allowed to continue to use “Loss of Income” as an excuse to Raise Their Rates then it is time for them to tighten their belts & look at how they are doing business….
but that is for another post

Do you remember Hurricane Gloria?
What are your memories & how did you fare compared to recent storms?

CT Taxes – Shared Sacrifice – Are You Hurting Enough Yet?

I was talking to a few people over the weekend about the high taxes

Sometimes I wonder exactly what are our elected officials & career politicians are thinking

In Hartford I heard it numerous times that they are tired of everything rising except paychecks

People are exhausted under the burden of trying to survive in CT

Both at the state level & city level people are frustrated that the elected career politicians aren’t listening to what the needs of the people are…

Where are all of our tax dollars being spent?

Why are they talking about paying to move a baseball team when schools are in need of repair?

#AreYouReady for the #CTComeBack ?
#YouHaveAChoice to make will you stay with the status quo or a go with a #FreshNewStart ?

Our State Senate needs to be RETIRED & Fresh Eyes & New Ideas tried in the 2nd District.

While the video below focuses upon the governor, it is the general assembly that makes the laws & the budgets.

The majority of the members have been office for so long they no longer are in touch with the needs or the people;
these are the men & women who need to be voted out of office if you are tired of the status quo.

#RememberInNovember the people who are in office now are the very same ones that voted to steal your children’s chocolate milk & raise the taxes on the gas & your paycheck.