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Poll – 25 Years CT Income Taxes

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This is the 25th anniversary year of the CT State Income Tax that the Democrat Majority in the General Assembly put into place. We were told that the Income Tax would be "Temporary" & remain at the "same low rate" in exchange our Sales Tax was lowered & would also remain at the "new lower rate". These Promises have been broken Repeatedly by the career politicians many who have been in elected offices for over 30 years. Do you feel that our elected officials have Lost Touch with the People & Do Not Care that they are Harming Our Families with these Increases in Taxes & Cutting of Human Services?

Yes I feel that they have lost touch
Yes My Family has been harmed by the cuts in services
Yes I lost my job because the company left the state due to the increased taxes
Yes I lost my job because of state budget cuts
Yes my family has less money to spend because of increased taxes
Yes I feel the elected majority do not care about my family
Yes I feel the elected majority say anything so they can get elected/reelected then break their promises
Yes I feel they break their promises I'm still waiting for our promised $55 refund from 2014
I don't pay taxes
I don't pay attention to politics so I do not know what promises were broken
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