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Which Direction CT? #YouHaveAChoice

We are at a crossroads in the 2nd District, and in the state…

Are we going to make a change or are we going to stay on the same old failed path over the fiscal cliff?

ct car license im broke

Have you taken a look at your paycheck recently? Seriously how much of your paycheck is taken out due to the CT State Income Tax? Do you look around & see any value for the amount of money that is coming out of your family’s paychecks each pay-period?

It’s been 25 years ago that elected officials like Eric who lied to us about the tax remaining small & being only temporary forced this tax upon us…

Did you watch or actually attend the Tax Protest Rally at the capitol back then?

income tax protest oct 5th 1991

Hartford CT Income Tax Protest 10-5-1991


What are YOUR Thoughts & Feelings on the direction of our state?

Do You feel we’re heading in the right direction or do you feel that we need men & women that will “Listen to the People” that are working hard & paying these increasing taxes?

Leave your comments below

#HadEnough ? then come join us in fighting the #TaxingTyrants that are in Hartford

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