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To Trump or not to Trump? by AlfonZo Rachel

With the last debate this week & WikiLeaks almost daily adding new items for the public to view on what #HatefulHillary & the #DNC Campaign teams are doing what are your thoughts on the presidential candidates?

Are you supporting Donald Trump the outsider looking to come in to correct things so that we’ll have more jobs & a Better America

or are you supporting the #StatusQuo with a candidate with blood on her hands & a corrupt history who plans to continue with the current administrations plans with it’s failed policies & decline in jobs & employment opportunities & increased taxes, tyranny & loss of #Freedoms

or have you decided to vote Third Party

Leave your Thoughts & Comments Below

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

AlfonZo Rachel gives his thoughts on Trump…

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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FND: Play Your Part

As we approach the final days before the elections what have you been doing to get yourself educated about the issues & what the candidates actually stand for?

A post from earlier this year I’m sharing here

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Sonnie Johnson talks some actual history that we in the Black Community need to rethink…
This is an older video of hers & she’s located in another state but as you watch…
Look around you & see if what she is saying can be applied right here to Hartford…
All Politics are Local…
Who have we voted into office?
Town Council, State Level & Federal;
Are they “Working For US” which as elected officials they are Our Employees or just to line their own pockets with an Attitude that they are better than us?
Are we thriving or are we “Just Over Broke”,

Are we Prospering or are we Pinching Pennies?

Ask yourself WHY is that?

What conditions are our schools? Have our children been the priority or is our tax money being syphoned off into schemes & stadium pipedreams?

What is going on in our public schools? With all of the money which has been poured into one “experimental program” after another has the School to Prison Pipeline been shut down or is it still flowing strong?

You Have a Choice this November

the old Status Quo with more of the same results or

a Fresh New Start with eyes that look from the perspective of what it is like to actually have to LIVE under these laws & increasing taxes…

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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Fox News + Google present the 7th Republican Debate

I posted this originally back in january ¬†when the field was “huge” on the Republican side… I’ve got a few questions as I reread the post 9 months later…

Now that the conventions are over & there are only 2 major ticket candidates on all 50+ ballots with 2 minor party candidates attempting to get that access & the attention of the media; I am wondering will the 3rd party candidates be given a spot on the stage?

How much participation we will see from the public & social media networks in these very important debates coming up? Will you be sending in questions by video or tweets or facebook if offered the opportunity? Will you be watching at either a Debate Watching Party or will you be watching from home or will you not bother watching?

Will we see a repeat of the biased debates where the moderators will be attacking Donald Trump while giving Hillary soft ball questions or will we see a debate where actual policy questions are asked?

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments & questions that you have below


Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project
The #GOPDebate small stage starts at 7p.
Then the main big stage debate will start at 9p.

The main stage will be missing Donald Trump; who will be holding his own event to benefit veterans on CNN.

It is reported that both Rick Santorum & Mike Huckabee will attend Donald’s event after they finish their small stage debate.

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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Art as a Catalyst for Change – A Community Discussion

Come out & join the Community Discussion that is going on in Hartford to address the need for change to Stop the Violence.

This is a FREE EVENT open to all who are interested in opening a dialogue in the Hartford community & surrounding areasartforumroughdraft

Election Season 2015 & 2016

Primary Day in CT for the Presidential Nominees is a few months away.

While so many eyes are on the interesting events going on at the debates

We do have the local town elections only days away

fed up vote republican

Are you tired of the increasing taxes & less services & failing schools?

Are you tired of the bullying going on at the town hall meetings, closed door deals & being ignored by the elected officials?

Then this election you need to change the make up for the Town Council & Board of Ed

The democrats have been in control for so many years they are arrogant

They ignore the people coming in to the meetings asking questions

They disrespect us when we come in stating our case that We The People Need Tax Breaks & we are hurting

Are you tired of being marginalized when we say we do not want the wasteful spending?

If you are tired of the insults & name calling when you disagree with the democrats…

Then it’s time to Vote in the Entire Republican Slate this year

Change Must Begin With YOUR Vote this year

Windsor Village Meeting with Republican Elected Officials

The Windsor Republican Town Council members are having another Village Meeting

Wed 28th of Oct at the Windsor Firehouse on 340 Bloomfield Ave from 7p to 8:30p

They have village meetings to meet with & listen to the residents of Windsor

Each meeting has been at a different location so that people in all of the various parts of town can have the opportunity to come locally to their neighborhood

If you haven’t been to one before now is the time to come out & meet your elected officials & ask them your questions & tell them your concerns

They’ve been having these casual meetings for a couple of years but this month is the first time that they were starting to be recorded so that others can view the meetings who didn’t have the chance to attend in person

Below is the link for the meeting on the 14th

10-14-15 WRTC Village Meeting

Remembering 9-11

Each year that goes by little by little it seems a bit of our historical memory is lost

At some time in the future will the memory of what happened on 9-11 be washed away?

I hope that it will not be forgotten, what are you doing to keep the memory alive?

9-11 never 4get from dotgop