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To Trump or not to Trump? by AlfonZo Rachel

With the last debate this week & WikiLeaks almost daily adding new items for the public to view on what #HatefulHillary & the #DNC Campaign teams are doing what are your thoughts on the presidential candidates?

Are you supporting Donald Trump the outsider looking to come in to correct things so that we’ll have more jobs & a Better America

or are you supporting the #StatusQuo with a candidate with blood on her hands & a corrupt history who plans to continue with the current administrations plans with it’s failed policies & decline in jobs & employment opportunities & increased taxes, tyranny & loss of #Freedoms

or have you decided to vote Third Party

Leave your Thoughts & Comments Below

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AlfonZo Rachel gives his thoughts on Trump…

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#SaveOurWaterCT April 5th Meeting

Below is a video of the meeting in April which was held in West Hartford CT.

Two citizens Groups were formed after finding out about the secret back room deal between the democrat town council members, the MDC & Niagara Water Bottling Company to steal the water of the citizens of CT.

These are regular people who when pushed have quickly formed into action groups in an attempt to save CT from the theft of our water & being sent into a deep drought conditions like Georgia & California have been thrown into due to the water bottling companies going in & draining the wells thus breaking the water cycle.

The Q & A session is quite eye opening as residents ask questions about what is happening.

SB-422 is the Senate Bill which Beth Bye introduced in the senate & the intention is to put a moratorium on any future actions until after the Water Plan for CT has been developed.