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#CTPolitics Visconti – Pelto Are they “Serious Contenders?” Aug 2014

Discussion about the candidates back in August, lots of changes since then…

Since the taping of that discussion Pelto has been officially Disqualified due to being 3,000 short of the 7,500 required signatures to get on the ballot.
Visconti & team have been moving right along attending fairs, handshaking & doing some public speaking on the radio interviews & tv interviews.

There are hot debates going on over on facebook about politics, policies & who can & can not win for Governor

Sadly I see friends turning into enemies as the debates heat up & people are getting rather nasty. What is rather bothersome is with all of the arguing going on about the top of the ticket is that people should instead be working with their local state representative candidates & state senate candidates. If we change the top of the 2 slots but still have the same general assembly there is no change from what we’re had that got us into this economic mess in the first place.