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The Working Class Tax

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Look around you when you are driving home tonight & look around to see just how many empty storefronts, closed businesses & restaurants there are. 

Start taking pictures & post them to the page

Ask yourself do we need something else that will close more businesses & hurt more families?


Do we need for our elected officials to stop attacking the small business owners & start cutting out the expensive projects that while are nice things to have but we just can not afford right now?

Is your job one of those that was killed off by the #DemocratsRaisingTaxesAgain ?

Will your job be next on the chopping block? 

Can you & your family keep on paying these increasing taxes?

#YouHaveAChoice this November the Status Quo or a #FreshNewStart … 

Choose wisely #ElectionsHaveConsequences

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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FND: Play Your Part

As we approach the final days before the elections what have you been doing to get yourself educated about the issues & what the candidates actually stand for?

A post from earlier this year I’m sharing here

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Sonnie Johnson talks some actual history that we in the Black Community need to rethink…
This is an older video of hers & she’s located in another state but as you watch…
Look around you & see if what she is saying can be applied right here to Hartford…
All Politics are Local…
Who have we voted into office?
Town Council, State Level & Federal;
Are they “Working For US” which as elected officials they are Our Employees or just to line their own pockets with an Attitude that they are better than us?
Are we thriving or are we “Just Over Broke”,

Are we Prospering or are we Pinching Pennies?

Ask yourself WHY is that?

What conditions are our schools? Have our children been the priority or is our tax money being syphoned off into schemes & stadium pipedreams?

What is going on in our public schools? With all of the money which has been poured into one “experimental program” after another has the School to Prison Pipeline been shut down or is it still flowing strong?

You Have a Choice this November

the old Status Quo with more of the same results or

a Fresh New Start with eyes that look from the perspective of what it is like to actually have to LIVE under these laws & increasing taxes…

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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YouTube Demonetized My Videos – CENSORSHIP ALERT – #YouTubeIsOverParty #TyrannyThursdayAlert

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Videos like this one below keep popping up on the internet service YouTube of the Censorship in one of 2 major ways;

1) Taking down of videos usually targeted are Conservative Commentary & Citizen Reporting Channels that are discussing or reporting upon topics that either expose what is not being discussed by the major media &/or that are using photos & clips under the fair use laws

2) Demonetizing videos which will discourage the creation of videos which discuss “sensitive” topics that the liberals at youtube have decided is too sensitive for viewers &/or ad sponsors to show their ads on

For a short while channels which had thousands of subscribers were being taken down due to censorship by youtube & the liberals which were complaining against the channels.  
Another form of attacks were to censor channels which were reporting on topics & policies & elected officials & candidates of the democrat party by the filing of false “copyright claims” which would for a short period pull down the video in question while it was being disputed.

This is important because all forms of speech regardless of it’s message is protected under the Constitution of the USA. There is plenty of speech which I may not agree with but I have the right not to listen to it by merely walking away & responding with my own speech… 

Censorship is UnAmerican & those who would silence the speech of others are people who do not have our best interests at all in mind.

Book Burning are a thing of the past…
But in our modern day where social media & videos are the “New Books” of this century to shut down youtube channels & facebook pages is the cyber-equivalent of burning a stack of libraries. Even if you do not agree with what others may say you NEED to Support Those Who Speak Up & Speak Out in all of the forms of media new & old.

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Author: Tillett for Connecticut

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