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Today in History for July 23rd

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1967 Race Riots in Detroit killing 43 people & in NJ killed 2 dozen  not a pleasant part of our history but it was a part of our history… we should learn from our past so that we can celebrate how far we have come & work to change things so that we do not repeat the bad results

1885 Ulysses Grant former president & Union General passed away – he was an interesting character not the greatest of presidents but not the worst either.

Without the Civil War or the rough times of the civil rights movement we’d not be able to celebrate the accomplishments that we do now have in our modern time. Is it perfect utopia for us? No but it is far better than it was in the past. We do have options today that earlier in my lifetime we did not have.

1984 First Black Miss America = Vanessa Williams

2000 Tiger Woods at age 24 becomes youngest golfer to complete career Grand Slam


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