Democrats Hurting CT Families Day 102? Still No Budget

 It is very sad day in CT when our democrat elected officials absolutely refuse to work to #OverRideTheVeto of the Balanced Budget that the Republicans put forward which was passed by both houses of the General Assembly simply because it came from the Republican side of the aisle.

Wethersfeild, Windsor and Bloomfield residents I do hope that you are watching how our elected officials are behaving in this press conference – notice who is present and who is not…

State Senator Doug McCrorey & State Rep Brandon McGee are both front and center basically speaking about voting against the Towns which they are also supposed to represent. They’re basically stating that their interests are only for HARTFORD with no mention of the towns which are in their districts as well.

McCrorey & McGee have given no consideration to the fact that the majority of the Windsor and Bloomfield (who are part of their districts) residents are home/major property owners are already bailing out Hartford due to the late/unpaid water bills from the city of Hartford which are majority renters living there that do not pay property taxes and water bills.

How out of touch are these democrats?

They refuse to vote to override the veto of a balanced budget which does not raise taxes.

They refuse to vote to override the veto so they can instead save their precious campaign funding goodie jar at taxpayer expense aka the C.E.P.

Our taxpaying families NEED a tax break yet they do not take our families needs into consideration

Bloomfield’s other state senator Beth Bye and state rep David Baram are not present at this press conference because their districts do not go into Hartford.

Windsor’s  other state reps Scott Storms (my state rep is doing a great job updating us on what’s going on up at the capitol) & Tammi Zawistowski as well as state senator John Kissel  also do not border in Hartford.

What our elected officials SHOULD be doing instead of grandstanding in front of the TV cameras is fighting to help their constituents.

How can they stand there in front of the tv cameras telling everyone that they represent in the other towns do not matter to them?