Change the General Assembly #Elect #Tillett4CT

Dan Malloy is leading the state in the wrong direction
but he only bears a small part of the blame for our current financial mess in CT
Who writes the laws?
Who raises our taxes?
The general assembly is the group doing this to us
The governor makes suggestions & signs or vetoes the bills put in front of him/her
but most of our problems are a direct result of the men & women in the general assembly

Our general assembly has had 1 party rule in it for over 30 years
The democrats have been spending our state into the poor house
If we want to change CT we’ve got to change the direction in which it is going
That means we must change the people who are up in Hartford in the general assembly
Our state senators & representatives are much more responsible for the mess we are in than the governors
Reality is that most of the general assembly has been in office longer than any governor
If we want to turn our state around we must start by changing the general assembly

#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart