Daily Archives: August 4, 2014

Signs Just Arrived!

For those who have run before & career politicians it’s no biggie
But today I am a happy excited first timer
So for me the arrival of my 1st 100 yard signs is a big deal

Poor UPS guy those were Heavy Boxes!
I think at least 100-150lbs of signage & stakes total?
I will update later with an edit I think the poundage was listed on the tracking ticket
1 box of 100 stakes = 29lbs
1 box of 100 coraplast signs + 2 car door magnets = 49lbs

I am glad the delivery was when Hubby was home there is No Way I could lift those boxes
much less bring them up the stairs

I think the UPS guy almost had a heart attack as my Destructo Pup rushed down the stairs
Percy almost knocked me down in his excitement to see who was at the door
I thought that Hubby had grabbed him but thankfully we got the screendoor closed in time

So now to start making calls for those who already said they wanted them

2 Big Boxes + Percy

Percy wants to know whats in the boxes

Tillett 4 CT sign open box

My 1st 100 signs have arrived!