Michigan Judge Finds Attorney In Contempt For Live Streaming Trial

 This Michigan Judge is denying the public’s “Right to Know” and punishing people who are trying to educate the public by Live Streaming the Court Case!

The First Amendment with its Freedom of Speech clause is under attack again this time in Michigan.

What is the Judge trying to Hide?

Why is he so angry that the trial is being Live Streamed?

I think that it is disturbing that the judge is trying to silence freedom of speech and the right of the public to be able to see what is occurring in court.

In this day and age of the internet and streaming live events, ALL Courts that are open to the general public should automatically be live streamed on the internet with the video available for the public to see at any time via youtube facebook and any other video service that is open to the public.

What are your thoughts about this case?

The report below comes from Wayne Dupree’s Vimeo feed, if you are on Vimeo you should follow him there as well as his youtube channel. Show him some love and “Heart” the video.

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Michigan Judge Finds Attorney In Contempt For Live Streaming Trial On Facebook! from Wayne Dupree on Vimeo.

Two television news cameras were live streaming the ridiculous trial; of a man cited for warming up his car in the driveway of his Michigan home during subfreezing temperatures, when the judge turned to the defense and asked if they were live streaming.

Attorney Nicholas Somberg acknowledged that his associate sitting behind him was live streaming, but had only done so after asking the local media if it was permissible. But Roseville District Judge Marco Santia was infuriated that Somberg did not fill out a permission slip approved by him and ruled him in contempt of court.


Cast: Wayne Dupree

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