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Marching to Trump Tower [11.9.16]

Tale of 2 Protests – or the major news outlets again not fully reporting the news as it really is…

I am rather surprised by the reactions of the college students that are out here protesting the results of the election.

We’ve been having elections for over 200 years & I do not recall that days after the elections that there have been in previous history such protesting & rioting in the streets as is happening this year? Do you recall this happening in the past years?

I am also more than a little bit concerned at the behaviour of some of the protestors. There is not peaceful all holding hands & chanting or singing but violence & destruction & hatred going on as well…

Not much is reported in the national news with all the reports of vandalism & the physical attacks upon the ordinary citizens?

Livestream on the ground by people posting via social media shows the chaos in some places while there does not seem to be any consequences against these rioters?

Marching uptown to Trump Tower with thousands of other people in New York City. Here are some of the things I saw and captured along the way. [Thanks to Edwin Terrell (soundcloud.com/slumpfish) for providing music]

Cast: Derek Beck and Edwin Terrell

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