Windsor Why you should Vote NO on Tuesday 7-14-15

As you consider how you will be voting on Tuesday

I hope that you will consider what your vote will mean…

A Yes Vote = Increased Taxes
That you approve of how the Town Council Democrats use intimidation & bullying tactics to force their will upon the people regardless of what the people of Windsor want or need.

A Yes Vote = Irresponsible Government
That you approve of our Town Council Democrats not caring about how their irresponsible actions not only harm our families by giving us less money & less services but they were also ready to put our families in physical harms way by cutting our essential town services such as funding for police, fire, health & safety

The above video is floating around made by one of the Concerned Citizens of Windsor which has some information about the budget numbers – there is no sound so that the information can be read without distraction (1st time I saw it posted on facebook I thought something was wrong with my computer)

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