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#TBT 2016 repost – Theft In Hartford City Hall!

This is an item from 2016 which I’m reposting now as a #TBT item for the Hartford City Hall under #BrokeBronin

With so many of my friends & family living in Hartford, I think a reminder about just how bad things have been going on is in order…

This is the election year which you will be deciding upon who will lead in Hartford’s city hall for the next 4 years…

The post below was posted back in December of 2016, now it’s more than 2 years later, have you forgotten what #BrokeBronin did back then?


It was so upsetting to me back in 2016 I posted about it twice!

Maybe it’s time for new fresh ideas and methods to be considered… what are your thoughts?

Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Why did I shout THEFT you might ask?

Well when you think of it as a standard Employer and Employee terms;

If an Employee were to go into the warehouse & take some of the inventory and sell it to a third party without the knowledge and approval of the Employer…

well both the Employee and very likely the Buyer of the Stolen Goods from the Warehouse would be going to jail for stealing the goods from the Employer…

Now the problem is that too many people do not look at our elected officials as exactly what they are Our Employees… we “hire” them when we elect them into office to be good stewards over our tax dollars and city assets… if you as a business owner would not allow for your employees to steal from the warehouse and sell to third parties without your permission why would you be ok with it just because the employee has the title of “mayor”?

You do realize that elected officials are our employees because we pay their salaries with our taxes? Would you keep an employee that keeps stealing from your business? So why would you rehire an elected official that is doing the same?

As the candidates start making the rounds ask them lots of questions, are they giving you real answers or are they unavailable



Cross posted item from another Tillett4CT project

Why is #LyingLuke as Mayor of Hartford Allowed to STEAL from the Hartford Taxpayers & from the rest of us in the surrounding suburban towns?

Why is #BrokeBronin pushing for “Regionalism” to pay for all of the corruption that has been going on in the city of Hartford for decades & generations?

On one hand he tells the people on the south end of Hartford that he will legally fight (read wasting taxpayer money here) to keep Hartford’s Sanctuary City Status while on the other hand his insistence that the city not have to go through Bankruptcy Proceedings to those of us in the suburbs…

TAX on back of bent over man

Why is he thinking that STEALING from the city & us taxpaying homeowners in the surrounding towns who he plans to stick with the bills for is ok to do?

Just like a cheating husband trying to hide assets prior to a divorce; #BrokeBronin was trying to get this back room deal done for $500.00 with his friend in NY. Yet #LyingLuke with his friends at the MDC are trying to force the suburban towns to pay for the water bill for Hartford; this while Jellison & crew gets outrageous salaries to steal from us homeowners in the surrounding towns??

The local Hartford online news site We The People Hartford  alerted the people of the theft which the major media news picked up. When things became more widely public & reported in the major news outlets in CT the attempted theft was temporarily halted…

Thank you to Kevin Brookman for being the under celebrated CT Citizen News Reporter – he breaks the news & then the major news media outlets report on what he’s exposed… if you have a news tip about things in Hartford make sure to give it to him to report upon

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CT General Assembly Session Officially Ends

blue ct with st seal on wh backgrnd

On May 4th 2016 the “Official” General Assembly Session Ends.

Now the “Official” Election season gets started with the State Conventions to chose the candidates & then

the Primary Season for those with Contested Seats within the party shall beginfolded dollars made into house

While you go out & about in your daily travels look around & see what 30+ years of one party democrat controlled General Assembly has brought our once great state down to…

Raising taxes again & again yet our state is in shambles #DemocratsHurtingFamilies

Abandoned homes, empty storefronts, failing schools, unemployed teens & young adults & closed factories are some of the visible signs that can be seen as we walk, ride, drive shop & do business daily in CT

If you think that our state is headed in the right direction then you can feel comfortable to continue voting for the democrats that are driving out jobs & hurting our families


If you are not happy with what you see around you then it’s time to support the candidates that are running to #EndTheTaxingTyranny & looking to bring JOBS BACK to CT

TAX on back of bent over man

#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart with candidates that will be available to you & interested in hearing about how we can work together to make life in CT a better place for the people who actually live here rather than just the corporate interests & lobbyists who want special deals that line their pockets while hurting our families..

#VoteRowB in November to put men & women into office that are #FightingForOurFamilies


CT Primary Voting April 26th

People are excited about this election, primaries aren’t normally high in people coming out to vote but there is a big number first time voters & conversions of parties this election so the turnouts are higher than normal…

Did you plan to vote in the Primary on April 26th & were you able to vote?

If you live in CT we have Closed Primaries so You can only vote in the Party Primary that you are REGISTERED With, many people knew that they were either UnAffiliated or Registered with a Different Party & changed to Republican during the proper time period so they could vote in the Primary on April 26th.

Some people did change but not in the proper length of time; which in CT is 90 days prior to a Primary if you are Registered with a Party to change to another party before you can vote in a primary to prevent any funny business with the voting & candidate selections at the conventions.

Sadly there were people that never voted in a primary before so they did not realize that all the years that they have been voting they were actually registered as a Democrat or as UnAffiliated or in one of the many 3rd parties that CT has so that when they showed up to vote their name was not on the book & they weren’t allowed to Vote on Tuesday April 26th.

Were you one of those people?

Were you surprised at your Voter Registration Party Affiliation when the Moderator Called the Registrar of Voters’ office or were you surprised about the rule requiring you to be Registered with the Party in order to vote in the Primary?

Were you given the option to Register into the Party? fed up vote republican

Counting Down to the CT GOP Presidential Primaries April 2016

The Primaries are when we tell the GOP leadership who we want to run for president & congress & the other state offices up for election

All Hands On Deck to GOTV!

Make certain that you get out to vote & get your friends & family out to vote for the candidate that You Support

If you have committed to a contested state campaign you should be working hard today
If you have not committed to 1 certain campaign or are not in a contested race then work to support our TEAM

#WinningByWorkingTogether requires that we pool resources of time & manpower

Poll Watchers – working in shifts keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary & REPORT IT!
Phone Bank workers – either from home or the HQ
Car Pools – to get our people out to vote
Campaign HQ Workers – people at the HQ throughout the day to update the candidates

If You Do Not VOTE you have lost Your Voice & others will choose the candidates to run!

Republican Town Committees Caucuses for Candidate Selection

Calling All Registered Republicans – Candidate Nominations for the Nov 2015 Elections

Be certain to call your Republican Town Committee Chairman or Secretary to find out the date for the Caucus Meeting to Vote on the choice for the candidates for the slate of candidates to run for the public offices this November.

There are those who complain about the choice of candidates… well this is YOUR chance to have a choice & be part of the process so stop complaining & attend so you can help chose the candidates for this year…

By the way;  have YOU….   considered actually Running for Town Council or the Board of Ed or for Constable or any of the Commission positions? We could always use fresh faces & new ideas in how to run our town, state & country in a Constitutional Manner. Come on down & state your case & you can also be considered as a candidate.


Windsor RTC Meeting

This monthly meeting is open to all Registered Republicans in Windsor.
We need your help & input to get our town & state back on the right track.
Have suggestions or comments about what is happening it is at the WRTC meetings that we discuss what is happening & how we as the party should proceed.

Have an interest in helping our candidates at all levels then come introduce yourself we are in need of many various skill sets.
Wondering which boards or commissions are in need of being filled we do discuss them at our meetings.
Want to ask our Board of Ed or Town Councilmen questions about their votes at the meetings, then come to the meetings to ask them after they have given their report about the most recent meetings.

We govern better when the people have input & the WRTC meetings are where you can get to know what’s happening.

We are Family Friendly & encourage you to bring your high school students along to learn the process of how government works, we are looking to start a local chapter of Young Republicans in the near future.
College Students we are also reaching out to get involved in working with at the local level