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Win-TV Happy Hour Fundraiser @ Union Street Tavern in Windsor

Come on Down and Celebrate Win-TV’s 35th Anniversary

We’re having a Fundraising Party at one of Windsor’s favorite watering holes

So stop on by and celebrate by trying the new “Win-Tini”, created to celebrate Win-TV’s 35th Anniversary.

Start your evening right while helping a great cause at the Happy Hour Fundraiser at Union Street Tavern on Thursday March 16th 2017 from 4p to 7p.

Raise a glass with friends old and new

Door Prizes, Raffle and Appetizers 

We’re CELEBRATING our Windsor Community & Win-TV All Year Long in 2017

More celebrating to come so keep in the know by subscribing for updates

Wishing You a Safe & Merry Christmas Holiday

Enjoy the Christmas holiday with your family & friends

Please Drive Safely after the holiday celebrations

merry xmas happy new yr red with snowflakes

Yankee Institute FundRaising Gala Dec 1st 2016

I highly suggest that if you want to go to a Charity Dinner that will be both beneficial & educational & fun that you attend the Yankee Institute’s FundRaising Gala.

On a shoe string budget they work hard to keep our government’s spending visible to the public & offer suggestions on how our government can both reduce in size & cost.

Information is on their flyer below & if you decide to go or just send a donation tell them that Theresa Tillett sent you




V*V*  Below is a copy and paste from their email *V*V

Blue LobsterFest 2016

The Blue Lobster Festival dinner includes a steamed, succulent lobster with drawn butter, tasty coleslaw, corn on-the-cob, chips and soft drink and of course, great music and buckets of fun!

Join us for a day of live music, delicious lobster and great community spirit –
All under big tents on the historic Windsor Town Green.
Hot dogs, Hamburgers Desserts and Sodas also available for purchase
Adult Beverages will also be available for purchase,
Plenty of free parking.

Costs Nothing to just come & Listen to the music

Group sales are available, see Ticket Information for details.
Rain or Shine event.
On the Town Green in Windsor, Connecticut

Blue LobsterFest Past

#HadEnough yet? Mileage Gas Tax IS Coming!

Hello Friends & Family both Near & Far;

Have you #HadEnough yet?

MalloysMess remember that no more taxes promise

I need your assistance to help STOP #MalloysMess with your word of mouth spreading the news about this new invasion into our families wallets!
My campaign is small compared to the goliath of the democrat machine that my opponent Eric Coleman has both in manpower & cash available to spend.

But we must not quit just because the odds are great & the fight is rough – I’m not a quitter & neither are you!
We must All do our part working together to Fight the Good Fight. Tooth & Nail, Leaving It All On the Battlefield,

Gov. Malloy has thrown his support behind the Mileage Tax.

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are writers to send letters to the editor and social media posts & memes stating that you oppose the enactment of this tax. We must educate our friends & neighbors & coworkers about what is going to happen to us

This not only is a new tax but also is an example of government being able to monitor its residents every move via the gps recording your every trip to the store, classes for your children & your friends & family around the state & country.

We MUST Defeat the democrats this November otherwise this tax WILL Go In Place!
As you drive around the rest of this week I challenge you to think about how much It Will Cost You once this new tax is put into place. Every trip to & from work, to the store for food or parts for the DIY project or trips to pick up the children to & from games & practices, to church …
EVERY TRIP Taxed by the Mile… Dannel & the Democrats will know where you’ve gone the route you took to get there & that is in addition to the nation’s 3rd highest gas tax in the nation!!!

We are losing our freedoms daily & we MUST not sit home crumbling over dinner, we MUST Stand Up & Say NO MORE!
We MUST Vote out the #TaxingTyranny

to Spread the Word,
to Donate what you can afford to the campaign
to Door Knock
to Call your friends & family
to Volunteer to work with the campaigns

Malloy embraces ‘mileage tax’ study, says ‘gas tax’ failing

Republicans have another way, there is the Better Plan the Senate Republicans put out regarding transportation.
Put out originally in 2015 & updated in Feb 2016

Help me to #FlipTheGeneralAssembly this November & #VoteRowB!

Thank you
Theresa Tillett

*** Thank you for your support ***
Theresa Tillett – Candidate State Senate 2nd Dist
Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media;
Tillett for CT campaign

WebSite = http://TillettForCT.com
Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/tillettforct
Twitter = http://Twitter.com/Tillett4CT
G+ = https://plus.google.com/u/1/103209423017770273182
YouTube = http://YouTube.com/Tillett4CT
VoiceMail 24/7 = 641-715-3900 ext 327977#
Donate = https://causes.anedot.com/c223e3893f05b982a3053

Busy Busy Busy

Haven’t posted an update in awhile because I’ve been busy.

While I’ve been busy around & about knocking doors & attending community & commission meetings & events…

The Elected Officials have been quite busy as well, working on ways to raise our taxes!

A Taxation Q What is Theft Correct

On July 1st a slew of new laws & taxes were put in place
The costs for purchasing just about everything has gone up nationwide but then on top of that the CT taxes did too!

#ThanksMalloy & thanks to the members of the majority party #DemocratsRaisingTaxesAgain our families suffer.


The Republicans offered a budget that would have cut spending but kept the services needed for our families but the democrats in the capitol wanted nothing to do with the republican budget…

When you see Eric Coleman & Brandon McGee & David Baram & Doug McCrory walking around in the 2nd District; ask them why they refused to save the public taxpayers money by reducing the amount of the CEP Funding?

Ask them why; if there is no one else running against them on the CT GOP side, did they not agree to eliminate the CEP Grant entirely?

Check out the bottom of page 8 for the amount of our taxes going to their campaigns http://www.ct.gov/seec/lib/seec/2016ga/cep_overview_2016_final.pdf

I mean really why does Eric Coleman need $95,710.00 thousand dollars to run his campaign?
Why do our state reps need $28,150.00 if they have CT GOP opposition or $8,445.00 if they have no one running against them?
Really if they are the ONLY person on the ballot they still get to party with our tax money to the tune of $8,445.00!

Yet they raise our taxes while cutting the services that are needed so they can party?
Is that fair? Hhhmm you know there are some people’s whose whole mortgage is $90k in Hartford,
yet they get to blow that money for some fun for their friends during election years???…

Think about that the next time you’re at the store buying groceries & can’t afford to buy as much as last month or last year.

Call me when you have #HadEnough
641-715-3900 ext 327977# it’s a 24-7 voicemail so call anytime

We’ll be out door knocking & collecting Petition signatures over the next few days.
If you would like to join us be certain to call & let us know where you’re at so we can arrange to swing by.
Theresa would love to meet your neighbors so she can talk about why she is running for office.

Counting Down to the CT GOP Presidential Primaries April 2016

The Primaries are when we tell the GOP leadership who we want to run for president & congress & the other state offices up for election

All Hands On Deck to GOTV!

Make certain that you get out to vote & get your friends & family out to vote for the candidate that You Support

If you have committed to a contested state campaign you should be working hard today
If you have not committed to 1 certain campaign or are not in a contested race then work to support our TEAM

#WinningByWorkingTogether requires that we pool resources of time & manpower

Poll Watchers – working in shifts keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary & REPORT IT!
Phone Bank workers – either from home or the HQ
Car Pools – to get our people out to vote
Campaign HQ Workers – people at the HQ throughout the day to update the candidates

If You Do Not VOTE you have lost Your Voice & others will choose the candidates to run!