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#YouHaveAChoice – #ChooseWisely

The discussion is quite interesting over at facebook, several pages have gotten this video passed on from the page “Save Connecticut 2014”

The video which is being discussed has been seen previously late 2013 or maybe early 2014 but the video is important because although the men & women speaking in the videos are from another city (Detroit?) they all very well could be men & women right here in the inner cities of Hartford, Bridgeport or Waterbury.

While the democrats in the top tier refuse to debate with the Republicans they run attack ads that mislead & lie while they avoid talking about their records.

The video points out that it’s the democrats in charge that have ruined their lives.

In CT this is also true with our democrat controlled general assembly.
Due to having Republican governor’s that have vetoed some of the outrageous spending our state’s demise has been slow to total ruin until the past 4 years.

Now the democrat controlled general assembly is up for re-election, many following their top tier leadership refusing to show up for debates to defend their actions or misdirecting away from the reality of their “plans to raise taxes again”

Will you re-elect men & women who have given us the income tax, raised the sales tax & are planning tax increases every time they talk about how they’re going to change CT?

Are you going to say no to raising taxes & shrinking paychecks?
Are you going to say no to corporate welfare & cronyism?
Are you going to say no to outsourcing of taxpayer money?
Do you want to continue on the same downward path to bankruptcy?
Then Will You VOTE Republican to change CT?

If you fail to speak up with the power of your vote then you are part of the failing system we have


Born Broke Summary from Yankee Institute

This summary below is from the Yankee Institute published by Zachary Janowski.
If we continue on our current financial path without changes in how our state spends money we are on the path for financial ruin.

Our children need for us to be responsible & accountable in how we spend the money now & the bonds which we take out for frivolous spending because our elected officials do not care about the debt that they are making.

The democrat controlled general assembly has been using the state’s credit card to buy the various “toys” & projects to reward their rich friends with then after they run up the bill they go out & borrow more money via bonds to pay for the playthings & special interests that they are indebted to.

While the attention is on the attack ads for the governor’s race by Malloy trying to distract from his policies pushed through by the democrat controlled general assembly the biggest problem that we in CT have are men & women who are career politicians who have no intention of helping the businesses & families in CT that do not put money into their pockets.

If these elected officials remain in office CT will not grow & CT will remain in the bottom 10 list of worst states in the country. #NowIsTheTime for you to seriously consider how you will vote this year.

Are you happy with the high unemployment as an increasing number of businesses are leaving for states with less taxes & regulations that stifle their growth?
Are you tired of seeing nothing but low wage retail or fast food jobs available while our factories & office buildings sit vacant?
Are you tired of rising taxes & rising prices while your paycheck shrinks?

If you are tired of the tax & spend & borrow & then raise more taxes policies that are coming from our general assembly then #YouHaveAChoice to make this election.

Will you re-elect the men & women who put in the income tax & have raised taxes in one way or another almost every year since? Choosing that option will ensure that we will have 4 more years of the same tax & spend & raising of taxes that we have had these past 25 – 30 years.

If you are ready for the #CTComeBack then #NowIsTheTime for YOU to #ChooseWisely
#VoteRepublican this year instead of the status quo
#Vote for a #FreshNewStart

The CT GOP has a slate of candidates which have ideas plans to get CT back on to the right track.
We want all of our families & children to prosper & to bring CT Back to its former glory.
This year vote for us on the Republican Ticket & give your family & your paycheck the break that it needs from all of these taxes due to irresponsible spending that the democrats have been doing all these many years.

Born Broke Summary by Zachary Janowski

“I Want Your Money” it’s the democrat way

“I Want Your Money” a movie trailer

A documentary about our government & our money;
Interjected with cartoon comments from two presidents that have differing view points,
this documentary trailer gives you some questions to ponder

CT Housing In the RED

We have a “sea of red” on this map from Zillow
Our housing market will not come back until the jobs come back

People need Safe Secure Housing in order to prosper
Home ownership has been a major factor in the prosperity of the USA

The lack of good stable jobs that pay well enough to allow people to advance
both our country & our state will continue to suffer.

We have too many homes that have not only lost their value
they are also worth less than the mortgages & many are in foreclosure process
We need for the banks to stop being rewarded for not not working with the home owners

Change the General Assembly #Elect #Tillett4CT

Dan Malloy is leading the state in the wrong direction
but he only bears a small part of the blame for our current financial mess in CT
Who writes the laws?
Who raises our taxes?
The general assembly is the group doing this to us
The governor makes suggestions & signs or vetoes the bills put in front of him/her
but most of our problems are a direct result of the men & women in the general assembly

Our general assembly has had 1 party rule in it for over 30 years
The democrats have been spending our state into the poor house
If we want to change CT we’ve got to change the direction in which it is going
That means we must change the people who are up in Hartford in the general assembly
Our state senators & representatives are much more responsible for the mess we are in than the governors
Reality is that most of the general assembly has been in office longer than any governor
If we want to turn our state around we must start by changing the general assembly

#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart

Hurricane Gloria 29 Years Ago Today 9-27

Wow how time flies, seems like only last week when my babies & I experienced Hurricane Gloria on our own.
On Fox61 this morning the weatherman announced it was 29 years ago today that Hurricane Gloria was barreling down on CT creating some havoc

At the time I was living in the projects in New Britain off of Slater Road as a single mother with 2 small children.
In fact my baby boy was not quite a year old yet, my daughter was chatterbox happy toddler.
I thought I was ready for the storm since the apartment was a ranch style brick with a basement & I had flashlights, candles & my freezer & fridge was full of food.

I didn’t know then what I didn’t know at the time; had a good start but wasn’t truly prepared.
The electric when I was a child living on a farm in NY would go out frequently during storms but it never stayed out for longer than a day or two so I Thought I was all set.

I was not prepared for a week of no power which is what ended up being the case.
I did well on my own with the children but after the 4th day of no power I was concerned about my freezer full of meats going bad so we hopped a cab (my car was not working) loaded with the meats & went over to a friend’s apartment on the other side of town that had power restored & stayed another 3 or so days waiting to hear the power was restored in the projects so we could return home.

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fireplace insert with fire going

Fast forward to Hurricane Irene, Winter Storm Alfred & Hurricane Sandy in recent years…
As a family we’re much better prepared for extended power outages;
but the state as a general whole with all of it’s technological advances available does not seem to be.

Alternate power methods are not being promoted properly
Solar Leases are being promoted but the promotion of being Energy Independent Is NOT
Better to have our government buildings not just having solar power feeding into the grid but to have battery backup It’s nice that any excess power that is added to the grid can help lower to amount needed to be generated at the power plants but it is more important to have batteries storing the power that is generated first.

So far none of the companies that are being promoted even have the batteries as part of their plans & their leases are just to divert the organization that the electric bill is being paid to.
When the grid goes down the homeowner is still without power. When questioned about this the solar leasing companies have said that the state rebates will not be allowed if a person tries to go off-grid with solar panels & batteries.
This is something that needs to be corrected.
Our homeowners should be given rebates & encouraged to get off grid due to the aging nature of our infrastructure & population needs.
Our public buildings & the water companies also should be on solar power with battery backup with the gas powered generators being the supplement to them.
If the power production companies are allowed to continue to use “Loss of Income” as an excuse to Raise Their Rates then it is time for them to tighten their belts & look at how they are doing business….
but that is for another post

Do you remember Hurricane Gloria?
What are your memories & how did you fare compared to recent storms?

CT Taxes – Shared Sacrifice – Are You Hurting Enough Yet?

I was talking to a few people over the weekend about the high taxes

Sometimes I wonder exactly what are our elected officials & career politicians are thinking

In Hartford I heard it numerous times that they are tired of everything rising except paychecks

People are exhausted under the burden of trying to survive in CT

Both at the state level & city level people are frustrated that the elected career politicians aren’t listening to what the needs of the people are…

Where are all of our tax dollars being spent?

Why are they talking about paying to move a baseball team when schools are in need of repair?

#AreYouReady for the #CTComeBack ?
#YouHaveAChoice to make will you stay with the status quo or a go with a #FreshNewStart ?

Our State Senate needs to be RETIRED & Fresh Eyes & New Ideas tried in the 2nd District.

While the video below focuses upon the governor, it is the general assembly that makes the laws & the budgets.

The majority of the members have been office for so long they no longer are in touch with the needs or the people;
these are the men & women who need to be voted out of office if you are tired of the status quo.

#RememberInNovember the people who are in office now are the very same ones that voted to steal your children’s chocolate milk & raise the taxes on the gas & your paycheck.