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The Win-TV Ollies 2016

Windsor is a Family Friendly Small Town that Loves to have FUN!

It’s not got much in the way of “Nite Life” for the partying crowd (YET.. it’s coming I’ve been told) but it’s a great place for families that are raising their families & the priorities are safety & things to do which are family friendly.

While Hollywood has it’s Oscar Awards Windsor’s Win-TV has the Ollies to celebrate the men, women & children who make programming for the Win-TV Networks…
This was my first year attending & winning an award

{;0) It was fun to celebrate & act like movie stars for an evening (0;}
I was especially proud of the youth who had programming on Win-TV. Most worked in groups with teachers but one young man has started his own variety show on his own.

The video which they were making during the event is in the process of being edited by the Win-TV Crew & should be online & showing on channel 5 soon.

In the meantime I made a little clip of the Pre-Awards Red Carpet Walk & Party.

{;0) Enjoy “The Win-TV Ollies” (0;}


#MakeCTListen #RememberInNov

What comes to mind in recent months as I talk to people is there is a repeated theme…

People are Angry
People are Tired of Rising Prices & Rising Taxes
People want JOBS that pay well
People want Full Time Jobs
People want their children to have good schools & education

#MakeCTListen #WeThePeople are tired of the status quo
#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart

CT Taxes – Shared Sacrifice – Are You Hurting Enough Yet?

I was talking to a few people over the weekend about the high taxes

Sometimes I wonder exactly what are our elected officials & career politicians are thinking

In Hartford I heard it numerous times that they are tired of everything rising except paychecks

People are exhausted under the burden of trying to survive in CT

Both at the state level & city level people are frustrated that the elected career politicians aren’t listening to what the needs of the people are…

Where are all of our tax dollars being spent?

Why are they talking about paying to move a baseball team when schools are in need of repair?

#AreYouReady for the #CTComeBack ?
#YouHaveAChoice to make will you stay with the status quo or a go with a #FreshNewStart ?

Our State Senate needs to be RETIRED & Fresh Eyes & New Ideas tried in the 2nd District.

While the video below focuses upon the governor, it is the general assembly that makes the laws & the budgets.

The majority of the members have been office for so long they no longer are in touch with the needs or the people;
these are the men & women who need to be voted out of office if you are tired of the status quo.

#RememberInNovember the people who are in office now are the very same ones that voted to steal your children’s chocolate milk & raise the taxes on the gas & your paycheck.

Communications – Yes I want to hear from YOU

One of the things that I feel is the biggest reason for our state & our country falling apart is the lack of communications between the citizens & the elected officials once they get into office

When our country was founded it was designed with the idea that our elected officials would live & continue to work among the citizens of the state & therefore would be accessible to the citizens during the year.
We were supposed to be have ongoing discussions about what is occurring in our areas with the elected but that seems to have been forgotten.

Unfortunately as the many years have passed there has been a disconnect between the people & the elected.
The elected have become a “class” of people that have become removed from the people.
As the distance between the elected & the people grows the Special Interests drive a wedge with their money to push the elected to make & vote for laws that do nothing to help our families, small businesses & seniors & many times have in fact been been laws that have been outright hurtful to our citizens.

I have several social media connections as a way to interact.
I also have a 24-7 voice mail as a way for voters to keep in contact which I intend to keep going as a way for us to communicate.
I want to have discussions via teleconference about the proposed laws that are being reviewed; as well as asking for input on what is deemed to be a problem.
If there is something that the citizens feel is a problem how do citizens in the 2nd District feel should be the options for solving that problem.

When was the Last Time that YOU were asked for input on the lawmaking process?

“We the People” means just that; the people who live in the 2nd District are the people whose needs are supposed to be the primary concern of the Senator that is sent up to represent them up in the halls of Hartford’s Legislative Building.
Special Interest Groups & Lobbyists should not be given the access to our elected that the citizens do not have on a daily basis.

sign See Click Fix

See Click Fix sign at Windsor Town Hall

Where are you in the Social Media world?

I think that one reason that people are so disconnected from the elected people is due to not being connected to them on a more personal level so there is no accountability between the people being elected & the citizens in our towns, I say we can change this right now

I do want to change this & am looking for the best ways to connect with the people in the 2nd District

In addition to this blog which has comments enabled I am on FaceBook & G+ & YouTube

I have opened up a 24/7 voicemail so that regardless of the time of day someone can call & leave me a message about what they think is a problem, a suggestion about what we should work on to improve life for all of us & any money saving ideas that we can look into & any potential fraud that might be needing to get looked at.

Let’s work together to turn the 2nd District & our state around & back on to the right track

Leave us some comments & let us get connected
Go ahead & give me a call 641-715-3900 ext 327977#

Some of my social network connections are listed here -> Social Media Page

#CTPolitics Visconti – Pelto Are they “Serious Contenders?” Aug 2014

Discussion about the candidates back in August, lots of changes since then…

Since the taping of that discussion Pelto has been officially Disqualified due to being 3,000 short of the 7,500 required signatures to get on the ballot.
Visconti & team have been moving right along attending fairs, handshaking & doing some public speaking on the radio interviews & tv interviews.

There are hot debates going on over on facebook about politics, policies & who can & can not win for Governor

Sadly I see friends turning into enemies as the debates heat up & people are getting rather nasty. What is rather bothersome is with all of the arguing going on about the top of the ticket is that people should instead be working with their local state representative candidates & state senate candidates. If we change the top of the 2 slots but still have the same general assembly there is no change from what we’re had that got us into this economic mess in the first place.

Signs Just Arrived!

For those who have run before & career politicians it’s no biggie
But today I am a happy excited first timer
So for me the arrival of my 1st 100 yard signs is a big deal

Poor UPS guy those were Heavy Boxes!
I think at least 100-150lbs of signage & stakes total?
I will update later with an edit I think the poundage was listed on the tracking ticket
1 box of 100 stakes = 29lbs
1 box of 100 coraplast signs + 2 car door magnets = 49lbs

I am glad the delivery was when Hubby was home there is No Way I could lift those boxes
much less bring them up the stairs

I think the UPS guy almost had a heart attack as my Destructo Pup rushed down the stairs
Percy almost knocked me down in his excitement to see who was at the door
I thought that Hubby had grabbed him but thankfully we got the screendoor closed in time

So now to start making calls for those who already said they wanted them

2 Big Boxes + Percy

Percy wants to know whats in the boxes

Tillett 4 CT sign open box

My 1st 100 signs have arrived!

Team Tillett Blogging via Email Testing

If we have set this up correctly then our Blog will be up & running so that I can share my thoughts with you & you’ll have another way to connect with me

Subscribe so that you will get the updates as they come in

Thank you for your support any & all donations are appreciated towards the Elections Funding Goals as set by the state of CT

Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media

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