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Poll – 25 Years CT Income Taxes

Quick poll – check all that apply

This is the 25th anniversary year of the CT State Income Tax that the Democrat Majority in the General Assembly put into place. We were told that the Income Tax would be "Temporary" & remain at the "same low rate" in exchange our Sales Tax was lowered & would also remain at the "new lower rate". These Promises have been broken Repeatedly by the career politicians many who have been in elected offices for over 30 years. Do you feel that our elected officials have Lost Touch with the People & Do Not Care that they are Harming Our Families with these Increases in Taxes & Cutting of Human Services?

Yes I feel that they have lost touch
Yes My Family has been harmed by the cuts in services
Yes I lost my job because the company left the state due to the increased taxes
Yes I lost my job because of state budget cuts
Yes my family has less money to spend because of increased taxes
Yes I feel the elected majority do not care about my family
Yes I feel the elected majority say anything so they can get elected/reelected then break their promises
Yes I feel they break their promises I'm still waiting for our promised $55 refund from 2014
I don't pay taxes
I don't pay attention to politics so I do not know what promises were broken
Please Specify:

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Have you #HadEnough Yet?

#YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart

#HadEnough yet? Mileage Gas Tax IS Coming!

Hello Friends & Family both Near & Far;

Have you #HadEnough yet?

MalloysMess remember that no more taxes promise

I need your assistance to help STOP #MalloysMess with your word of mouth spreading the news about this new invasion into our families wallets!
My campaign is small compared to the goliath of the democrat machine that my opponent Eric Coleman has both in manpower & cash available to spend.

But we must not quit just because the odds are great & the fight is rough – I’m not a quitter & neither are you!
We must All do our part working together to Fight the Good Fight. Tooth & Nail, Leaving It All On the Battlefield,

Gov. Malloy has thrown his support behind the Mileage Tax.

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are writers to send letters to the editor and social media posts & memes stating that you oppose the enactment of this tax. We must educate our friends & neighbors & coworkers about what is going to happen to us

This not only is a new tax but also is an example of government being able to monitor its residents every move via the gps recording your every trip to the store, classes for your children & your friends & family around the state & country.

We MUST Defeat the democrats this November otherwise this tax WILL Go In Place!
As you drive around the rest of this week I challenge you to think about how much It Will Cost You once this new tax is put into place. Every trip to & from work, to the store for food or parts for the DIY project or trips to pick up the children to & from games & practices, to church …
EVERY TRIP Taxed by the Mile… Dannel & the Democrats will know where you’ve gone the route you took to get there & that is in addition to the nation’s 3rd highest gas tax in the nation!!!

We are losing our freedoms daily & we MUST not sit home crumbling over dinner, we MUST Stand Up & Say NO MORE!
We MUST Vote out the #TaxingTyranny

to Spread the Word,
to Donate what you can afford to the campaign
to Door Knock
to Call your friends & family
to Volunteer to work with the campaigns

Malloy embraces ‘mileage tax’ study, says ‘gas tax’ failing

Republicans have another way, there is the Better Plan the Senate Republicans put out regarding transportation.
Put out originally in 2015 & updated in Feb 2016

Help me to #FlipTheGeneralAssembly this November & #VoteRowB!

Thank you
Theresa Tillett

*** Thank you for your support ***
Theresa Tillett – Candidate State Senate 2nd Dist
Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media;
Tillett for CT campaign

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Casinos TollBooths & Taxes Oh My

The General Assembly is in session & the governor started it off with his State of the State speech, with Malloy sounding like the republican candidates who lost the 2014 election for talking points.

After the lies of the last election cycle stating the state budget was fine… then it was made public we were drastically in the hole so not only did not the $55.00 dollar rebates get issued in 2014 but the state was going to need to go into an emergency session to “fix” the problems later on…
TAX on back of bent over man

In 2015 Malloy was caught claiming that he would not propose raising new taxes but… then signing the 2nd largest tax increase in CT’s history. So really no one actually believes the Malloy lie of no tax increases or new taxes being added
ct car license im broke

So to start 2016 Malloy decided to change his talking points & use the republican talking points about needing to not spend money that we do not have.

The question is what will the General Assembly do now?

folded dollars made into house

Some issues that are being spoken about in the news are Casinos & TollBooths & of course the Overbearing Taxes that are driving the major employers Out of the State & along with them their employees who pay both Income & Property Taxes to our state & towns…

Will the General Assembly cut out the excesses & the corporate welfare that has been going on or will they hit the CT Families with additional problems & taxes in Nov after the elections have been secured?

Road to 270 Electoral Map

To win the Presidency it’s not just the Popular vote but the Electoral College Delegate Votes that are needed to put the man or woman into the highest office of the land

Below is a map showing the current votes from the Electoral College as they currently stand
The map is interactive & I’m guessing as the days go forward the map will be adjusted as new information comes in

Map created at

11-3-15 Election Day #VoteRowB




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Windsor – Budget Vote #5 – Polls Now Open

Windsor the Polls are Open

All 7 Voting Districts are OPEN from 6 am until 8 pm sharp

The Options are to Vote Yes or No

Vote YES to Increase the Budget & our Taxes


Vote NO to the Increase on our Budget & Our Taxes & the budget goes back to the Town Council

TAX on back of bent over man