Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

The Little Governor that Roared Malloy vs Trump

Malloy is once again out on the campaign trail & on the attack of our now sworn in President Donald Trump.

With his dreams of going to an appointed position down in DC down the drain with Hillary failing to win the presidential seat; Malloy is starting out on his re-election campaign by being the attack dog of the left barking at the heels of the president who has said that he is going to stop for a while the refugees that are coming in from the countries that are in wars with our US Military engaged & has additionally threatened to remove funding for cities that are violating the immigration laws…


What are your thoughts on what Malloy has to say?

Can the state of CT afford to lose the federal funding that it gets when so many of our cities are already hurting?

Can we taxpayers afford to pick up the tab for Hartford, Bridgeport & New Haven as they lose their federal funding & start very expensive lawsuits to fight in the courts the laws which are not currently being upheld?

Our immigration process is in need of fixing & the problem of illegal immigration is quite complex with children having been brought here by their parents what suggestions do you have to rectify the problems?