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Power’s War

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2016 Spur Award Best Documentary Script, Western Writers of America. 2015 Anthem Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. Best Documentary Feature Film Award at the 2015 Eugene International, Jerome 89A and Logan Utah Film Festivals. Official selection of the 2015 Maryland International, Longleaf, Prescott, and West Virginia Filmmakers Film Festivals. “Best Western Documentary” by True West Magazine in their 2015 “Best of the West” issue. 2015 Spotlight Film Silver Award Winner.

An in depth look into one man’s silent protest against American’s entry into the first World War that led to the deadliest shootout in Arizona’s history. Contemporary interviews, archival material, and original artwork come together to tell the the story of a war that pitted the rights of individuals against the growing power of the federal government.

POWER’S WAR is a feature documentary film by director Cameron Trejo that delves deep into the circumstances leading up to and following the controversial Power Shootout during the First World War. Narrated by John Slattery. Featured historians include Heidi Osselaer, Eduardo Pagan, Mark Weitz, Paul Hietter, Marshall Trimble, the Arizona Republic’s Don Dedera, author Thomas Cobb (Crazy Heart), and many descendants of the Power Shootout.


Cast: Beautiful Science

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