Daily Archives: October 30, 2014

#YouHaveAChoice – #ChooseWisely

The discussion is quite interesting over at facebook, several pages have gotten this video passed on from the page “Save Connecticut 2014”

The video which is being discussed has been seen previously late 2013 or maybe early 2014 but the video is important because although the men & women speaking in the videos are from another city (Detroit?) they all very well could be men & women right here in the inner cities of Hartford, Bridgeport or Waterbury.

While the democrats in the top tier refuse to debate with the Republicans they run attack ads that mislead & lie while they avoid talking about their records.

The video points out that it’s the democrats in charge that have ruined their lives.

In CT this is also true with our democrat controlled general assembly.
Due to having Republican governor’s that have vetoed some of the outrageous spending our state’s demise has been slow to total ruin until the past 4 years.

Now the democrat controlled general assembly is up for re-election, many following their top tier leadership refusing to show up for debates to defend their actions or misdirecting away from the reality of their “plans to raise taxes again”

Will you re-elect men & women who have given us the income tax, raised the sales tax & are planning tax increases every time they talk about how they’re going to change CT?

Are you going to say no to raising taxes & shrinking paychecks?
Are you going to say no to corporate welfare & cronyism?
Are you going to say no to outsourcing of taxpayer money?
Do you want to continue on the same downward path to bankruptcy?
Then Will You VOTE Republican to change CT?

If you fail to speak up with the power of your vote then you are part of the failing system we have