Born Broke Summary from Yankee Institute

This summary below is from the Yankee Institute published by Zachary Janowski.
If we continue on our current financial path without changes in how our state spends money we are on the path for financial ruin.

Our children need for us to be responsible & accountable in how we spend the money now & the bonds which we take out for frivolous spending because our elected officials do not care about the debt that they are making.

The democrat controlled general assembly has been using the state’s credit card to buy the various “toys” & projects to reward their rich friends with then after they run up the bill they go out & borrow more money via bonds to pay for the playthings & special interests that they are indebted to.

While the attention is on the attack ads for the governor’s race by Malloy trying to distract from his policies pushed through by the democrat controlled general assembly the biggest problem that we in CT have are men & women who are career politicians who have no intention of helping the businesses & families in CT that do not put money into their pockets.

If these elected officials remain in office CT will not grow & CT will remain in the bottom 10 list of worst states in the country. #NowIsTheTime for you to seriously consider how you will vote this year.

Are you happy with the high unemployment as an increasing number of businesses are leaving for states with less taxes & regulations that stifle their growth?
Are you tired of seeing nothing but low wage retail or fast food jobs available while our factories & office buildings sit vacant?
Are you tired of rising taxes & rising prices while your paycheck shrinks?

If you are tired of the tax & spend & borrow & then raise more taxes policies that are coming from our general assembly then #YouHaveAChoice to make this election.

Will you re-elect the men & women who put in the income tax & have raised taxes in one way or another almost every year since? Choosing that option will ensure that we will have 4 more years of the same tax & spend & raising of taxes that we have had these past 25 – 30 years.

If you are ready for the #CTComeBack then #NowIsTheTime for YOU to #ChooseWisely
#VoteRepublican this year instead of the status quo
#Vote for a #FreshNewStart

The CT GOP has a slate of candidates which have ideas plans to get CT back on to the right track.
We want all of our families & children to prosper & to bring CT Back to its former glory.
This year vote for us on the Republican Ticket & give your family & your paycheck the break that it needs from all of these taxes due to irresponsible spending that the democrats have been doing all these many years.

Born Broke Summary by Zachary Janowski